April, 2020

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By on April 28, 2020

I hope you are well and looking after yourself.   Many of us are experiencing waves of emotions as we navigate these uncertain times….   However, one thing that remains certain is that your decisions WILL directly correlate with your outcomes when it comes to your health and fitness.   Feeling more comfortable in your […]

Mobility Video | Dog Owners You Will Enjoy This

By on April 22, 2020

Hey, Hope you are well. So you might get to know that (if you don’t already) that I am passionate about helping people move better and achieve better performance. I also like to have a bit of fun…… Now this video below actually has a serious side to it regarding flexibility and mobility. I popped […]

Start Your Summer Body NOW (Free Pass Inside)

By on April 21, 2020

Hey!   I know things look a bit bleak at the moment…   But this WILL pass!   And when it does,   We will all be able to get back outside, enjoy the sun, go the beach and maybe even book some holidays in!   We want to MAKE SURE that you are in […]

Free 7 Day Trial

By on April 20, 2020

  Hey,   First up, this is NOT FOR CURRENT CLIENTS, we’ve already got you guys covered 🙂   If you’re not already one of our clients but are dealing with the same issues as some of them, brought on by being in self-isolation… we can help!   Maybe you’ve had to prioritise looking after […]

4 Basic & Important Starting Steps To Get Your Health In Order

By on April 15, 2020

?‍♀️Don’t try and throw in a cartwheel when you’re running from a Lion ?   It’s time for novelty to make way (as it always does) for the basics again…   The simple principle based approaches ALWAYS REIGN SUPREME!   A few people have reached out to me recently telling me they’re feeling pretty rubbish and […]

Re: Can’t Sleep?

By on April 9, 2020

Have you ever seen the film Groundhog Day?   If not it’s basically a film that shows the guy doing the same things everyday…   It certainly feels like we are in that film in this house atm,   For many people their routine is slipping, and as I said in my video on Tuesday, that […]

VIDEO: Your Health & Fitness Needs This More Than Ever >>>

By on April 7, 2020

Hey, I hope you are well. Just a super quick blog today…… having moved my office outside and with pale skin, like you I haven’t got loads of time! This video in the link below I shot at the weekend…. I didn’t expect it to get such a positive response! I think it really resonated […]