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I hope you are well and looking after yourself.


Many of us are experiencing waves of emotions as we navigate these uncertain times….


However, one thing that remains certain is that your decisions WILL directly correlate with your outcomes when it comes to your health and fitness.


Feeling more comfortable in your clothes, confident about your body and healthier from the inside out are all benefits of following “the plan”.


I wanted to share with you just three results that have come in since Sunday to my inbox from people I am helping right now….


Yep these results were achieved during a national crisis!


It can be done!




—– 10 inches off the waist in 2020 —–

We did the video on March 16th…..

This was TWO months in and James had lost 41lbs and 6.5 inches off his waist.


April 28th he has now lost a total of 10 INCHES from his waist.

He has gone from 307lbs (139.5 Kg) to 245lbs (111.7).

(62lbs/ 28Kg lost).

Take a listen to the video above to hear his thoughts 6 weeks ago.

– Fears around coming through the door
– Improvements in joint health
– Fitting it in with a busy lifestyle
– Benefits to the rest of his family

James like all of us needs accountability, which is what Harry and I do through the systems we have in place and is having to adapt to a different format for his coaching but is trying hard and continuing to get great results.

Looking forward to tracking and sharing his progress.

There is no going back!






You cant get fitter and healthier during stressful times….. I disagree! You just have to be smart with your nutrition and training to optimise the hormonal responses!

Some absolutely cracking starts to some of these fitness people’s fitness journey’s with Blast Fitness Camps….





This guy is a pleasure to coach…. nailed some serious changes in his first 6 weeks!

Some really good improvements here not just the ones you measure.

For me, look at the relative position of his shoulders and the improvements with his shoulders being in a better position.

When I am looking at someone’s posture I automatically think about how we can help them prevent injury and move better.

What Adam has done here has really helped with his muscle balance in his upper back and shoulder girdle.

Thank you Adam, look forward to seeing you again soon mate.


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