March, 2016

1/4 of 2016…Broken Promises?

By on March 28, 2016

Just do what you said you were going to do……life is much less stressful that way!     Keeping promises to yourself.   How hard is that?   Especially when so many things in life are going on.   Did you follow through on the nutrition changes you said you’ll make beginning of this year? […]

So Proud Of These People

By on March 23, 2016

So Proud Of These People       On Saturday 19th March, Team Blast completed a slightly unusual challenge.   Now if I told most people that we would run around some fields, crawl through mud and it would be fun….they would laugh at me.   But with this being the 4th year consecutively that […]

Put your money where your mouth is…..

By on March 14, 2016

In many walks of life we meet people who talk a good game…… Nothing grinds my gears (excuse the pun) more…… Just do what you said you were going to do…life would much less stressful that way! A lot of people ask me how I stay motivated…truth is….it wains from time to time but here […]

Running Around on Peanut Butter and M&M’s

By on March 8, 2016

    If you want a great example of the notion that you can’t out train your bad diet then you should have a read of Sophie’s story that she sent over after we started working together last month. Previously having been running around on M&M’s and peanut just wasn’t working for her!   Have […]

How to start getting PB’s

By on March 7, 2016

How to start getting PB’s   So at the weekend I received an awesome text message……from a client.   She has been working with me for a while, loves her training, provides her with a good stress release from running a busy family and an international business which involves lots of travel.   But she […]

Tina’s Pain Reduction & Your Food Is Affecting Your Skin

By on March 3, 2016

Good afternoon…. Yesterday I answered a question on cold fighting…..if you missed that do let me know ( and I will send it over…. Another question which I received last week was about antioxidants and how to improve energy and skin quality. ANTI OXIDANTS & HEALTH, RECOVERY & PERFORMANCE What are they? * Group of […]