December, 2015

Team Training : In The Mud ;)

By on December 29, 2015

OK   So this is really only for those of you who don’t mind getting muddy and love the outdoors.   So last year we ran a mud run as part of our Team Training programme we hold on a wednesday night.   There’s something quite awesome about just getting out there with a bunch […]

4 Reasons People Fail With Fitness In Week One of January —->>>>

By on December 28, 2015

New Years Resolutions   Please don’t do create a “To Do List” for the 1st week of January.   What I have done is sat down and mapped out some challenges I want to tackle between now and May 30th and then again between July and September 30th.   I actually like to leave a […]

Adele Video, Cauliflower and Blue Skies

By on December 24, 2015

Good Afternoon, I just wanted to wish all of my readers, clients and friends a happy Christmas and thank you all for reading all of my content and sharing in the success of our clients in 2015. I have a number of emails planned for the festive period to keep you entertained so keep your […]

What Are Your Typical Results?

By on December 23, 2015

Ok, so I was on the phone the last week with a  prospective client…. who I actually started working with on Monday 21st December.   She took a huge plunge……getting on the phone with me.   She asked a great question.   What sort of results should I get?   WOW! Thats a huge question….. […]

Boxing Workshops…… Starting In The New Year

By on December 21, 2015

It’s with great delight that I can announce that Danny Groves will become a member of the Blast Coaching Team.   To kick things off…..Danny (from Groves Health + Fitness) and I are teaming up to host a boxing skills and fitness workshop.   Running on Tuesday 12th of January at 7pm, Wednesday13th at 7:10am, […]

“Too late, we are closed”

By on December 16, 2015

  pretty hard hitting title right?   “no more room at the inn”, said the inn keeper to Joseph,   No more people on board…   So I’ve been in the fitness industry for just over a decade, yep I did my first qualifications when I was 17.   I’ve kind of got the inside info on […]

Still Shopping– Don’t Stress — Gift Ideas Video

By on December 11, 2015

I thought this might of  interest to you…… Now if you are like me, you might not have finished your Christmas shopping. Well, I haven’t started it to be honest 🙂 For you……. The gift of fitness might not be what your friend is expecting, but it might be just the kick-start they need. If […]

Why Quick Fix Foods Cost You Time

By on December 8, 2015

Eating quick fix foods and ready processed meals ultimately costs you time you tried to save by choosing the convenience food option…   So I was having one of my many thoughts today around nutrition and the mind set around what it takes to be successful.   My clients and the results they get……   […]

A Ladies Magazine And A Shopping List

By on December 3, 2015

A Ladies Magazine And A Shopping List     WOW…….don’t shoot me just yet!   Guys can gain a lot from this too…….   Part of what we help our clients do is to get clearer (gain clarity) on what it is that they really want.   Its all part of the Eat Well, Train […]

8 Small Steps To Get Momentum In Your Life

By on December 2, 2015

Gaining Momentum and Moving Forward……   How TO….. get the ball rolling on YOUR health, fitness and lifestyle.   It can be pretty tough getting started with improving fitness and nutritional habits…..   And there are no exceptions to this……even those who consider themselves “into” it….. find it difficult after a break….   Me too…..Ive […]

7 Steps To Reducing The Impact Of Colds

By on December 1, 2015

Hey, Just a quick one from me today but hopefully really useful all the same. I managed to get my self a real bargain two weekends ago…….. all the best things in life are free right……. Nope…..picked up a cold….inappropriately dressed for a cycle I went out for. Had it in the neck since from […]