Start Your Summer Body NOW (Free Pass Inside)



I know things look a bit bleak at the moment…


But this WILL pass!


And when it does,


We will all be able to get back outside, enjoy the sun, go the beach and maybe even book some holidays in!


We want to MAKE SURE that you are in the best shape you’ve EVER been in by the time this comes around!


So you can come out of isolation looking fitter, slimmer, sexier and better than ever before!!!


Yesterday we opened up spots for a Free 7 Day Pass of our ONLINE ‘Lockdown’ body transformation programme.


  • Live online workouts with our personal trainers (not a workout video, an on screen personal training session)


  • A personalised and tailored flexible nutrition programme, which is individualised to you, allowing you to get in your summer body without the struggle of dieting and eating boring rabbit food!


  • 24/7 accountability and support to ensure you stay motivated in your pursuit of a healthier, fitter, happier and stronger you!


We are giving you the opportunity to have a 7 day FREE trial before you commit to anything!


What you need to do next is;


1 – Click the link below

2 – That will take you to our free Facebook group where we are running the challenge

3 – We’ll give you all the starting bits inside the group


Link is here –


Hope you see you there!