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Amazing Dave & Our Merchandise Range

By on November 26, 2020

Good evening…….. I know its Black Friday Sale time and I am meant to be sending out some offers but I just wanted to share with you the amazing DAVE! Check out a little video I did with him on his journey from 20+ stone to nearly 5 stone lighter….. such a lovely guy and I am pleased to have met him […]

The Gift Of Health & Fitness – Voucher Ideas & A DONE FOR YOU letter to Santa!

By on November 24, 2020

No doubt your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is fretting over what to get you this year for Christmas? (Or maybe youare stuck for what to give them?!!) Don’t let this year’s present from your loved one end up being one that is rendered almost useless within one month of opening it. Take away the burden from them this year or […]

Myth De-Bunked & Awesome Result

By on November 12, 2020

No you do not get bulky because you pick up a dumbbell!! Ok…. myth debunked! Lunchtime came today….. and a RESULT pops its way into my inbox again this week. Today is a really cool transformation from a young lady whom Harry and I started working with in the last lockdown. During the initial phase […]


By on November 9, 2020

Good Morning, If you are waking up in the U.K. and in lockdown, or you are in other area of the world this could be for you. If you want to get started with your health and fitness goals and need help doing so… YOU CAN START THIS COMING WEEK — wherever you are in […]

Kevin Loses 12Kg’s & I Want To Help 10 More People Lose At Least A Stone Before The Middle Of October

By on September 7, 2020

So…… over the last 6 weeks I have been helping many people make a start on their health and fitness, along with helping those who have been working with us for a lot longer obviously. These people all made a DECISION….. Rather than thinking about it or waiting for MOTIVATION they made a decision that […]

Charlie Loses 25lbs & 5 Guinea Pigs Needed

By on August 27, 2020

Good morning,  I hope you are well. I just wanted to send you a little email with a recent success story….. Charlie shares with us how he has found losing his 25lbs in 2 months with us and an overall top man, so well worth a listen. Charlie used to be in the military […]

From Heart Failure To Half Ironman – Inspirational Video

By on August 23, 2020

Wait for it….. an actual race day post in 2020…. The New Forest a beautiful place to race in normal circumstances but on Sunday we (I think I speak on behalf of all the other competitors) felt privileged to be out there doing what we love. Today saw two of my clients complete their first competitive […]

Swimming Pool Open in Lifton & Recent Swim Analysis Feedback

By on August 19, 2020

The Endless Pool Facility Has Been Flying Since Re-Opening Post COVID-19 ✅ ALL ABILITIES WELCOME & SUPPORTED! ✅⠀⠀-⠀⠀Since the opening of the facility we have seen a wide range of users taking advantage of our Endless Pool ‘Elite’.-⠀⠀Although the pool has ‘Elite’ in its name, we want to assure everyone that this pool is PERFECT for all […]

Podcast, Client Event & Reduce Your Stress Programme

By on July 7, 2020

Hey I hope you are well. I wish I was writing a message to let you know that our indoor  facilities were open, but we are still going very strong outside, with a massive amount of positivity and uptake from our clientele which is excellent. PODCAST A week or so ago now, I was asked by […]

5 Places For Our Fitness Transformation Programme For Beginners

By on July 2, 2020

Epic opportunity for 5 men and women just starting out on their transformation journey, or who are nervous about starting!     Hey hope you’ve had a tremendous week so far….     Not going to bore you by talking about the weather, the news, and certainly not Liverpool winning the league – urgh.   […]

Anita Loses 4.4 Inches From Her Waist But GAINS much more!!

By on July 2, 2020

Anita Loses 4.4 Inches From Her Waist But GAINS much more!!     Meet Anita……   Wanted to lose weight and improve her running ability…..   She had begun to feel uncomfortable,   Trying to lose weight, plateaued and wanted to get back into her clothes.   Anita, gives an insight into her journey…….. and […]

The Domino Effect

By on June 29, 2020

The Domino Effect   You know when you have that one thing that happens that just starts the day off right…….   You know also that one thing that can de-rail your efforts….   Ok, so take a little look at this short video where we discuss the role of interlinked behaviours…. starting the day […]