October, 2016

Next Blast Fitness Camp Starts Monday: 3 places left

By on October 27, 2016

Good afternoon…..   Just to let you know that our next Blast Fitness Camp programme begins on Monday 31st October. With less than 10 weeks left until the BIG C word….now is a great time to make the last 2 months of the year pay off with a push for better health and fitness levels. Starting […]

Only for people who want to lose body fat round the middle >>

By on October 26, 2016

Good Afternoon, I hope you are well and enjoyed the success story I shared with you of Josh, the paratrooper whose running we have dramatically improved over the last two months. Earlier on yesterday I met up with Juliann, a client of ours who had been struggling to find something that fitted in with her […]

Improving Performance – ‘ Client Case Study’ & Charity Workshop

By on October 25, 2016

Good afternoon, RESULT ALERT – Improving your run time…… (see results picture near the bottom) Wait….I know not everyone wants to run….but there is a lesson for us all here >> This morning one of my clients came into our private studio in Lifton… His goal is to join the paratroopers, the problem being he followed […]

Were You Supposed to “Start” Today??

By on October 24, 2016

Were You Supposed to “Start” Today?? It is hard going it alone….. Only today have I had a chat with my coach to get the ball rolling again next month to prepare for my goals in 2017. Here are my 8 Steps To Getting Started With Your Goals….. Now…..A lot of it comes down to […]

9 Week Blast Fat Loss Mentorship – Sneaky Peak Video

By on October 12, 2016

Good afternoon, Just a super short blog from me today as I wanted to share with you a video I have made. You may well have read about our 9 Week AT HOME/ONLINE Blast Fat Loss Mentorship. In this 2 minute video I have shared with you what we will be up to and answered a […]

It is OK to do this >>>>

By on October 9, 2016

*** HELP *** Do you need help with your lifestyle, nutrition and fitness?   To reassure you here…..   Asking for help is totally cool….. so its fine….relax………   In fact on Friday I met and spoken with a number of people who could actually just carry on with their fitness and they would achieve more than […]

My Favourite Day of 2016…..Inspirational Video

By on October 6, 2016

Hey……. There are NO words that can really sum up what I feel about this video……..   For me the approach of this man in the quest to achieve his goal has been nothing short of inspiring and I myself have only really been involved and begun to understand all the factors in the last […]

“never felt so fit, healthy & most of all happy!!”- 7 Ways To Get Started

By on October 4, 2016

Hey, Hope you are good. So yesterday marked the start of my first  full week of coaching since our holiday in Australia yesterday…..whilst a few clients may well have slightly heavy legs, my eye lids definitely feel slightly heavy this afternoon…..I will get back into the routine though! Another little story here I wanted to […]