October, 2021

7 Steps To Addressing “Tightness”

By on October 14, 2021

7 Steps To Addressing “Tightness” I often get asked about help with Mobility and people often say to me that they feel tight. Obviously a good look at each individual through a movement screen is useful and we find this helps those that we work with to understand better their movement patterns and where they […]

1 place left…..Men’s 12 Week Strength & Conditioning Programme

By on October 5, 2021

Starting on Tuesday 5th October 2021  we have a MULTI SPORT Strength & Conditioning Programme for MEN starting. In this blog article I am going to give you a little insight into how the programme will be structured. If you want to join us just email me (info@fa-fitness.co.uk) and I will let you know how to secure […]

Sphere of control

By on October 2, 2021

Please download the Sphere of Control task here –