Re: Can’t Sleep?

Have you ever seen the film Groundhog Day?


If not it’s basically a film that shows the guy doing the same things everyday…


It certainly feels like we are in that film in this house atm,


For many people their routine is slipping, and as I said in my video on Tuesday, that is dangerous!


Their day to day is not tiring enough and not challenging them physically or mentally!


Is that happening to you?


Are you getting bored of that?


Well let’s shake it up a bit! Try something new!


How about something that will get you healthier, fitter, leaner, stronger, feeling positive AND sleeping better?


Here at Blast Fitness Camps we are running a 28 day programme, where we;


  • Train you 3 x a week via our live interactive online sessions with a personal trainer the whole session
  • Personally manage and support you through your tailored nutrition programme
  • Offer 24/7 accountability and coaching to ensure you are looking great by the time the summer season really kicks in!


You don’t need to commit to the 28 days straight away we actually offer a 7 Day Trial

To get one all you need to do is book in your consultation call just below


Book it here :



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