January, 2019

7 inches off the waist, 6% body fat and 18lbs lost…. Do you need help too like Sophie did?

By on January 31, 2019

So, there is a definite reason that we measure what we do here at the studio…….because we LOVE RESULTS!   When Sophie came in after her Blast session on Tuesday for her assessment, I didn’t need a tape measure to tell me that she had committed and done really well, because she looks awesome and […]

8 Week Health and Fitness Programme For Men

By on January 29, 2019

? 8 Week MANSFormation Programme ? The Health and Fitness Kickstart For Guys!   Please watch this video if you want help with your health and fitness goals >>>     Having watched the video above you will know if it is for you…. If you need help with your current health and fitness goals […]

Men’s Health and Fitness Kickstart

By on January 17, 2019

    * MEN IN NORTH CORNWALL AND WEST DEVON *   Our 6 WEEK MANSFORMATION CHALLENGE is HERE for 2019! Join our Kick Start Challenge to get you fitter, leaner and strong. Make 2019 your year! We’ve transformed many men like you into a better version of themselves Now we’re inviting YOU to be […]