August, 2014

Bank Holiday Early Bird Opportunity For You

By on August 24, 2014

Hey, Thanks for checking out my blog…… if you like success you will like this! Did you see Mark’s results on Friday? So you might have landed here and already be taking action and not need any help what so ever with losing body fat. BUT if you do need help then read on as […]

Meat Consumption TV and 4.5 Inches Off The Waist

By on August 21, 2014

  Meat Consumption………. that programme….   Ok, so I don’t know if you watched the BBC Horizon programme on meat consumption or not……..   I didn’t either at the time………..   BUT I had a lot of emails and facebook messages asking me if I was watching it…….   So I caught up……..   ( […]

Namibia Fitness Retreat & Blast Mud Run Team Training

By on August 19, 2014

Good morning, This  is blog post is dead simple really as I have a few things I want you to know about that are happening this week and next…..   I just wanted to give you a heads up first as both of them are creating a lot of attention.   *** Matt Luxton’s Retreats […]

Fancy A Challenge?…..A Mud Run?………

By on August 14, 2014

Hey I guess this blog is only really relevant to you if you are looking for a challenge, looking to get out in the fresh air and don’t mind getting muddy with a bunch of very cool people.   If you don’t………….then this blog might not be much use to you and I wouldn’t want […]

A Journey I am Proud To Have Been Part Of

By on August 12, 2014

My Karate Journey, Age is not an excuse My karate journey began when i saw an advert in the local paper for a class held in Okehampton. I rang up for more details to enquire if, at 42yrs of age, I was too old to start. No was the answer so i started my training […]

Dont Do THIS For Your Health…Do This Though……

By on August 11, 2014

DON’T DO THIS FOR YOUR HEALTH……..   Ok, so it seems like my detox article went down a treat last week! Someone just offered me some broccoli…..winning! (2  minute video later in the article……check it out!)     On Sunday I posted on social media that one of my guinea pig trialists had lost 2.5 […]

Small Victories, Me Fighting & The Detox

By on August 5, 2014

Hey ,   Going from A to B is not always simple right……particularly when you have family, businesses, jobs, relationships and children to look after.   –—-Please before we get going here this is not me preaching or any BS like that because that is really not my style….in fact I HATE that stuff!—-   […]