June, 2016

The “R” word….. What a set of them…..

By on June 29, 2016

Results from the weekend…….   This weekend our clients were competing all over the world in different challenges…..   From time to time there is a weekend of EPIC results and courage that I get to witness. I my mind ….what ever their results….. they were all at the start line having made a decision […]

Do YOU Need A Goal, A Focus Or ” Something to Train For?”-

By on June 20, 2016

Do YOU Need A Goal, A Focus Or ” Something to Train For?”-—   check this out….   This is NOT for everyone.   BUT   Do You Want To Be Part This Team?     Do YOU Need a challenge?

Awards ceremony and LADIES ONLY Kickstart Programme

By on June 17, 2016

Hi Just to let you know I had a wicked afternoon yesterday collecting the “Cornwall’s Best Fitness Instructor Award” with the winners of the other categories! There truly are some very talented individuals and independent businesses doing great things in this corner of the world…..ripples of their passion far surpassing their geographical location! Some serious groundwork […]

Love Handles….How to hold on or NOT!

By on June 16, 2016

Good morning, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to share this blog post I wrote and posted on social media yesterday, it seems that a good few people enjoyed it. It fits in nicely as I am helping a good few people drop serious amounts of body fat at the moment……just through being […]

It Looks Great….But This Feels Better

By on June 3, 2016

I think from the outside being a health and fitness coach looks awesome…..you get to work with pretty cool people and it is very rewarding but let me tell you it is hard graft…..not so much manually or physically but the learning and mental side of it….the coaching aspect…..those “instructors” who just teach classes and […]