Maximising Your Gym Time

Maximising Your Gym Time

As a personal trainer and coach , I try to teach my clients the art and the why of training. I want them to know the names of all the exercises and understand which muscles they work. This can be seen as coaching team here when we are recording videos for our online communities or for our in person clients to use when they are not with us.

I want them to know the basics of programme design. I want them to understand why I have them perform exercises with certain technique. I make sure to teach them all of the relevant variations of exercises and to incorporate all of the main forms of appropriate resistance (bodyweight, bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells etc) in their training.

This way I impart on them the gift of being able to train by themselves. One of our core values is “EMPOWERMENT”. It requires a lot more energy on the part of the trainer and coach, but the benefit to our client is invaluable. 

Ultimately we all play our own game better when we have a coach, that’s why a lot of successful people employ a coach in all areas of their life.

We as personal trainers have  tremendous power. We have the ability to help people take their health and fitness into their own hands for life which is priceless.

>> Maximising Your Gym Membership >>

With all of what we mentioned before underpinning the workshop here are just a few of the topics we will be delivering:

🔑 Understand the benefit of a specific sequence of warm up exercises.

⏭ How to logically progress your training through a month, 3 month and throughout the year to reduce chances of injury and boredom.

⚖️How to design a session that will create balance and improve movement.

🏁Learn which exercises are best placed at the start of a session and to finish a session

🪖How to use perceived effort to make sure you don’t “over reach” for too many sessions in a row.

🚨Which tools you should have at home for those “exercise emergencies” when you can’t make it to the gym.

💪How to add load to your muscles without going heavier…. Very useful to have in your armoury.

🧆We will also share with you our “9 core habits” that we teach our clients to help them make the most of their training.

🪄Little tricks and tips to make small tweaks to exercises for you as an individual

➡️ 2 hour workshop 

➡️ Sunday January 9th

➡️ 9am-11am

➡️ Free for current Tamar Performance Centre Gym members

➡️ Non members – Sign up before Christmas Day for £25/ After Christmas £40

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