Awards ceremony and LADIES ONLY Kickstart Programme


Just to let you know I had a wicked afternoon yesterday collecting the “Cornwall’s Best Fitness Instructor Award” with the winners of the other categories!
There truly are some very talented individuals and independent businesses doing great things in this corner of the world…..ripples of their passion far surpassing their geographical location!

Some serious groundwork has gone in by all the owners to get to where they are now, days like these are few and far between but it is cool to get a bit of recognition too.

It was a pleasure to hang out with a few after and get to know them! I will be heading to Bar 18A in St Ives to drink my “non alcoholic” cocktail and then do some yoga with them after 🙂

Then to finish  it off I headed to Blast to “celebrate” with a lot of people who have supported me along the way… champaign though…..just some pull ups 🙂

The two gents are the owners of Bar 18A in St Ives and the lovely lady is Launceston’s very own Claire Banbury from Banbury’s Beauty.


I have a few places left on our next 6 Week Health and Fitness Kickstart programme starting on Monday 20th June.

For some this won’t be ‘perfect timing’ but truth is…..there never will be.

If you are struggling with sugar cravings, weight gain around the waist and want to look better before the summer passes.

Maybe you want to feel less sluggish and want more energy to do fun things with your children this summer.

If you are someone who just needs to be told what to do and how to do so in the most efficient way possible with recipes that the whole family can use, then this could well be just the kickstart you need.

If you have let things slip a little and feel that now is the time to get your life back in order and you are ready to get help from me then I am ready to help you get the same results that those who have followed this programme before you.
Please be warned though this isn’t for the person who is happy just to plod on in their comfort zone and the person who isn’t willing to make some changes.

If you are ready to make the changes needed to drop dress sizes, improve energy, skin quality and your self confidence then

You can apply now >>>…
Good luck,


p.s. If you are reading this and think one of your friends needs help, feel free to share this post.