7 inches off the waist, 6% body fat and 18lbs lost…. Do you need help too like Sophie did?

So, there is a definite reason that we measure what we do here at the studio…….because we LOVE RESULTS!


When Sophie came in after her Blast session on Tuesday for her assessment, I didn’t need a tape measure to tell me that she had committed and done really well, because she looks awesome and her friends all think so too!



So how can we help more people…….


So I have 12 places available on our 8 Week Challenge starting on Monday >>>

Take a look and see if it suits you >>>


We are excited to announce this awesome programme into our Blast At Home Fitness Camp.

This is absolutely perfect for you:


▶️If you want help and structure in your nutrition

▶️You don’t really like the gym environment

▶️Your work and child care dictate you can’t always get to classes

▶️You want to lose 7-10lbs and inches around the waist

The programme starts on February 4th and finishes on March 31st and includes:


✅5 sessions per week that you can do from home in under 35 minutes

✅4 bi-weekly Recipe Booklets for ideas for the whole family

✅Meal planners that will help you take all of the guess work out of your nutrition

✅Shopping Lists to print off or have on your phone

✅Private Facebook Group specifically for those on this programme

✅Accountability check in’s and measurements so you can track your results easily.

✅Prize for the biggest transformation, not solely based on weight lost, because we know what true is health and it is much more than the number on the scales.



This offer is also 100% guaranteed in that if you don’t get results over the 8 weeks, I will give you back your investment +£10 for wasting your time! It will be £90 (yes £1.60 a day)!

There will only 12 places available for people who are serious about getting healthier, fitter and happier on this programme.

🗝 Please register below by using this form and we will be in touch to get you started >>



Any questions please let me know,




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