Just Incase You Missed These


I hope you are well. I just wanted to send you a quick email incase you had missed these blogs and emails from the last couple of weeks for you to catch up on
when you have 5 minutes.

** Tips for the Monday Morning Dieters – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsxqtu3IAaI >> people loved this

** Who Am I To? – A video that I shot whilst I was away on the fitness holiday in Tenerife, inspired by some mountains and fresh air…..to be fair it got a really good response.

Click the link below to have a look

Who Am I To?

** So What Did We Do In Tenerife – some more pictures, videos and reviews from guests. If you are thinking you want to get involved in our next Tenerife trip or even the one that is now
happening in the French Alps in August then please take a look at this article for how you can stay in the loop.

So what did we do in Tenerife?

** Testimonials – RESULTS

Back in November I met Andy…….

A keen cyclist who needed help and who has bought into the process I have taken him through to enjoy his cycling holiday to Mallorca last week to the MAX!

A winter of progressive and structured work both on the bike and off it resulted in THIS >>

Thanks for your kind words Andy, personally I am looking forward to watching your progress in the future


Here are the thoughts of Lynn, who recently completed the Blast 6 Week Health and Fitness Kickstart.

The next programmes start on Monday 24th April for men and women.

If you want to apply for this please use the links below ASAP as I am finalising the details for this.

WOMEN: http://www.mattluxtonhealthandfitness.com/6weekbodytransformation

MEN: http://www.mattluxtonhealthandfitness.com/mansformationprogramme

Thats it for today, enjoy your Easter weekend.

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