So what did we do in Tenerife?

So what did we do in Tenerife?


Many people thought I was joking when I called the latest Blast Fitness Retreat a “Holiday”….but its true I let them sit in the Jacuzzi on the roof top, I let them have a beer after dinner and I even let them walk along the beach and sun bath…….



Sorry if that disappointed you……..


Seriously though the latest Blast Fitness Camps Holiday in Tenerife was an absolute pleasure to run…..


The hotel we stayed at provided us with a nice variety of healthy food and a few treats after the long day in the saddle.


My coach, Del, came along and helped me with sharing the load of the coaching sessions. His knowledge and coaching manner is extensive and welcoming.

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of the itinerary, but we did 3 swims one of which was about 1 hour after arriving at the hotel in the middle of the day….it was great to swim with sun on our backs.




We did 2 cycles on this holiday because those who came wanted to do so but had it not have been the case it would have been fine because we had 2 coaches so one could have stayed back with any non cyclists. We also did 2 mobility sessions on the grass at the training centre and on the roof top of the hotel next to the Jacuzzi.

Del also took a running clinic where we helped our guests work on and analyse their running technique. There was a massive benefit seen after doing this and watching the videos that we took of techniques before and after those sessions.


We also did 3 conditioning sessions……again some technique work which always helps ramp results and helps people to learn progressions and make improvements in their fitness beyond the scope of a week away.


I did shoot a few videos during our time there…….feel free to look and see what two of our guests had to say…..perhaps you will believe me then when I say it was a “holiday”.


Seth :


Alison :





All of those who attended this year’s trip have reserved places for next year already.


If you want to stay in the loop and get priority access to places for next year around the same time of year then make sure you head here and follow the steps.





That’s it for now……speak soon






p.s. those videos of what we did


(Conditioning Session Day 1)


Day 2- in the beautiful Masca



Day 3 Update- Top of Mount Teidi


Day 3- Mobility session before dinner