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Starting on Tuesday 5th October 2021  we have a MULTI SPORT Strength & Conditioning Programme for MEN starting.

In this blog article I am going to give you a little insight into how the programme will be structured.

If you want to join us just email me (info@fa-fitness.co.uk) and I will let you know how to secure your place on this 12 week programme starting at 7pm each Tuesday from 5th October 2021

In our Men’s Only Multi Sport Strength and Conditioning Programme we will be covering 3 key areas outside of some testing that we will do at the start and end to help those guys who are part of the group measure their improvements.

When you read this article you will realize that it doesn’t matter if your sport is Cricket, Rugby, Triathlon or Running alone….. take a read >>>

These 3 Key Areas Are:

  1. Fundamental Strength Movements
  2. Energy Systems used in the different sports or hobbies.
  3. Power and Power Endurance to take the strength gained into the sport.

We will also along the way be encouraging and educating the members on recovery and mobility strategies to minimise the risk of injury.

PHASE ONE – Developing Good Strong Movement Patters

One of the myths we see in “Functional” Training is that we can get side tracked by trying to mimic movements used in the sport within strength sessions. They have a time and a place but rarely are they early on in a training programme, what we need to help people do is develop good training habits and develop good movement patterns that allow a focus on the skills element of the sport outside of strength sessions.

We will be utilizing different variations of the squat because we know that they are a GREAT WAY to develop lower body strength, co-ordination and flexibility whilst improving USEABLE core strength….. nothing “worries” me more than seeing people balancing on a BOSU ball whilst trying to over head press a small cow! We will also be teaching our members how to perform the Power Clean because they are multi joint and have a great carry over to good movements across sports. The benefit of using exercises like this is that you can generate speed, strength and power without having to spend lots of time on multiple exercises…a big bang for your buck type exercise.

Along with this we will be looking at exercises we know help move people forwards faster. Namely pull ups and rows…..extremely important to help maintain that link between the upper extremities and the rest of the spine. We know that in order for us to be strong and efficient we need to be strong from the core out and have a good level of co-ordination to avoid injury. I won’t bore you with where the latissimus dorsi muscles insert etc., but just trust that they are really important in assisting rotation, extension and adduction of the shoulder.

There are obviously going to be pushing movements programmed in there. Not necessarily bench press, because whilst I acknowledge it is a good strength gauge, it doesn’t necessarily have a good cross over to sports and every day life. I would not rule it out at all in conditioning programmes but other exercises like standing cable presses and Jammers are my preferred options.

So in phase one we have a little mobility within the session plans and always remembering that SIMPLE is better for people who participate in multiple sports and hobbies.

PHASE TWO- Conditioning For The Sports Demands

When it comes to different sports that require lower Aerobic (with oxygen, ½ marathons etc.) bases and higher Anaerobic (without oxygen, sprints)  we know that we can have a well planned 6 week base to help get results for those sorts of sports (McNeely,2009). I coach a lot of triathletes and endurance athletes around the world in different sports from ultra running to sheep shearing too and their programmes do require longer and more regular phases of cardiovascular training because with them we are constantly looking for small gains to help them peak at different times of the year. Once they have a really good base then we just push the limits periodically to maintain adequate conditioning.

But let’s look at a rugby player or footballer for example as we do work with those guys too. During the season you will typically look at repeated sprints and power output. Most of the plays don’t last that long and players rarely sprint for more than 10s-15s in these games and more often that not its 4-6s. What we look at there is a varying degree of all out sprints with long recoveries and then sub maximal (still 90%) with active recoveries.

One of the major benefits for the predominantly aerobic athlete (triathlon etc.) is that anaerobic short intervals can still help develop aerobic capacity because we know that it helps in raising our Lactate Threshold.

PHASE THREE-  Taking The Strength Gained Into Speed & Endurance

When it comes to getting strong we also know that we need to be able to use that strength. That is where POWER comes into it. Power is speed x strength in this instance.

Often we see people who go to the gym but don’t transfer that strength into anything-meaningful performance wise. This is often down to a few factors:

  1. The movements they have done don’t use multiple joints so there is little cross over to sports. These exercises are often seated or isolated around one joint. Great and have their place in building muscle size and helping with the rehab of joints.
  2. The movements are often too slow or too light and don’t fire up the really large muscle fibres required for speed
  3. A lack of plyometric (jumping) activity meaning that we don’t generate the same elasticity within the connective tissue strength under load in the extremities to then reduce the amount of time in contact with the floor (ground contact time).

Lastly and a few final thoughts….

  • Recovery and Mobility – those of you who know me and what we do here at the studio will know only too well that I am a HUGE advocate of a little and often approach with this. In fact some of my clients now do 10 mins of mobility most days of the week. If you are someone who takes part in a few sports and or wants to perform at your highest level (who the hell wouldn’t) then we know that high performance comes from consistency among a multi faceted approach of SLEEP, NUTRITION, HYDRATION, FLEXIBILITY, TRAINING and HAVING FUN!!
  • When it comes to getting better at your sport you need to get coached in those disciplines, strength and conditioning is ONE OF THOSE!

If you want to join us just email me (mattluxtonpa@gmail.com) and I will let you know how to secure your place on this 8 week programme starting at 7:05pm each Tuesday from  5th October 2021. The cost of the programme is £130 for the 12 week programme for the first 10 guys.

In our Men’s Only Multi Sport Strength and Conditioning Programme we will be covering 3 key areas outside of some testing that we will do at the start and end to help those guys who are part of the group measure their improvements.

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