My Favourite Day of 2016…..Inspirational Video


There are NO words that can really sum up what I feel about this video……..


For me the approach of this man in the quest to achieve his goal has been nothing short of inspiring
and I myself have only really been involved and begun to understand all the factors in the last 24 months.


You see it is not always the faster man that wins, but in this case when we blended his skill, tuned up his pace, nailed his fitness, addressed his nutrition with precision, improved his already infectious mindset and all this added to a lifetime of practice you end up being involved in WORLD CLASS performance.




Many of my friends laugh at me now because I love talking about “That Day” and it wasn’t even me…….. but thats the point….
to watch someone who gave SO MUCH to achieve his goal…..actually reach up and grab that opportunity gave me so much pleasure.


It was hugely emotional, in fact it was by FAR MY FAVOURITE DAY OF 2016 .


Yep better than the Ironman 70.3 world champs….truly I kid you not!


I just feel you should watch this video as soon as you can……. and you know what don’t worry if you are going for a world record or not.


Just take from this what you want……..use this video as a tool to get you fired up, to lift you up when you feel down.


It was exceptionally well made and credit must go to Emily Fleur Photography and Jacob Moore for the job they did in putting this together and with the kind permission of Matt
I am sharing this with you.


Take a seat and appreciate the enormousness of the task in hand..



(it might not work on a mobile device, but its worth flipping that laptop open).


To learn more about what we did to help get Matt into what can only be described as Olympic athlete shape take a look at this review I did in the days after the event.


What Did He Do To Break That World Record?


Enjoy both, allow yourself the time to be inspired……




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