Your Mojo Time – How To Keep Enjoying Your Training

How To Keep Enjoying Your Training



First things first….it’s not all about burpees and broccoli…….sorry to disappoint you!



You see if it was, every gym would be getting results!



And they aren’t……



That’s why it pays not to follow the crowd when it comes to your fitness…….



We don’t do “normal” things………. in fact we have been quoted on the radio by one of our clients as being “crazy”.



One of the keys for me in being a coach is to consistently improve what I offer and continually deliver fun and effective programmes.



After all, some of my current clients are travelling 40 + minutes to get to training at 6:20am and driving past gyms to come to train with us.



I want to give them a great experience and for them to at least feel awesome after the session…. whilst appreciating that they probably want to kill me at points during it….



I get the most pleasure when someone comes to me skeptical about the process, and leaves feeling energized, challenged and I guess somewhat surprised!



So you get the picture, I am not in the business of convincing people that exercise is good for them……… I think we all know that the right type of exercise for any given individual can give the benefits they need.



I want to show them how they can make it part of their lifestyle and enjoy the way it makes them feel!



Here are my tips for you if you’ve lost your mojo…… oh and by the way this happens to us all from time to time, you are not alone!



*** Consistently and Carefully Vary Your Training.


Mastery is important. You must, I feel, experience some form of mastery within a session or if not every session at least at some point in the programme.


So aim to try a new movement, the harder progression, even if you only do 1 repetition of the harder, more complex, or faster movement…..try it and then next time try for one more repetition.


If you just keep doing the same thing over and over again then you wont challenge your body or your mind. Be prepared to step up!



……..and there are circumstances where that is beneficial >>

Doing weight, sprints and mobility work will clearly be beneficial when repeated……. But you have to have variety within those too….



That is why I recommend that you actually change the routines you do regularly……I don’t mean Monday to Friday and then repeat….I mean every session you do in a 4 week- 6 week cycle should be slightly different. It doesn’t need to involve fancy “CIRCUS” exercises, just a slight tweak whether it be different intensities, load, time, volumes…..


So if you work your legs and abs on Monday…..its ok to do so again the following Monday but don’t do the same session again…….. change the tempo, change the repetitions, the weight, the sets or the rest.



You get it….there’s a million ways to change things up slightly…..imagination is cool here.



*** Train With Someone Or Be Coached By Someone Who Is Enthusiastic



Having a training partner is not always possible, so if you cant train with a mate then follow a programme that is designed by someone that cares!


If you can find a mate to train with you, that’s awesome as it will ramp up your accountability! It will make sure that when the evenings and mornings are darker you get out there and get it done.


Having someone there, always makes you push a little harder…..I cycle with a mate of mine…….he is rapid up the hills, so I am always working hard to keep up or keep him in my sight.



*** Outdoors or in a Well Aired Room or Space


Don’t under estimate the power of nature to impact on your training. Even if its just OUTSIDE in your garden, in the park, on the beach, by a lake, in the woods, in the country lanes or on the local football pitch. Get out there.


Open up the lungs, many people stay in the house, car, office, car, house ( in that order)…break the cycle…….get out there. There is a proportion of air that lays in the lungs for a reason, but by getting out of breath you will recycle this and oxygenate the blood further.



Your environment is key! You cant have negative people in there and you cant have poor air quality!


Nemo wouldn’t have survived if his water was polluted….you wont thrive if your environment is either!



*** High Intensity BUT Don’t Trash ‘IT’ Every Time



‘It’ being your body……. One of the major reasons we have a 4/5 week cycle on our programmes is to make sure that even our most experienced clients give their body a chance to regenerate and recover. This is important, and this is why when I see random sessions banded about by trainers that are nothing more than “beastings” it kills me inside!



Go hard when you feel great, when you have less stress in your life and when you are healthy.


If burning fat is your goal, please don’t pay any attention to the fat burning zone…..following this will make you unhappy long term……



Get out of your comfort zone at this point.






I am all up for training hard, but you have to have what we call “de-load” weeks, it doesn’t mean sit at home and deliberately sabotage, but reduce the intensity a bit, work on mobility, core and flexibility and ease back on the high impact, heavy loads and plyometric exercises.


One of our core values is to “build not break”.


Of course, this is all specific to you as an individual, if you are well trained you will have a different starting place. The principals though remain the same!


Olympic athletes have de load weeks too…..


Don’t try and be Mr or Mrs Incredible 365 days a year!


*** Seek A Challenge



Let’s face it going to a dull gym or a dull class is hardly going to inspire commitment.


Once you have that sorted then don’t be surprised when you get bored with losing weight etc etc……


Use the determination you put in during training to inspire you look for other challenges


SO MANY of my clients do this…….


It doesn’t have to be a world record attempt at burpees (coz that is dull) or eating as much broccoli as you can in 1 hour (that would make you ill), but it could be a mud run ( Tough Mudder, Monster Race) , a trek along the wall of China, to get fit to go on a fitness holiday or retreat. I am actually running my next fitness holiday in Tenerife in April, here is the link…



if you would like to come please let me know.


……It could be to complete your first triathlon, a long cycle or a charity event that helps others and where you make a difference.

In my eyes, that is a WIN/WIN situation right there, you get fit, healthy and probably lose body fat (if you need to) and you get to help people you may never meet!



Hopefully that helps you spice things up a little!



If you need a bit more guidance on a 1-1 basis then feel free to ask for help.


That’s it for today,



My Best