You & Me In Your Front Room Tomorrow? You say when….

Good evening,

I hope you had a good day.

It has been really interesting watching and listening to people talk about their opinions of what others are going to do over the festive period in respect of their exercise and nutritional habits.

Truth is…..the only persons actions that you really need to worry about are yours…..

So long as you are 100% guilt free and do what makes you feel good…..then you don’t need to worry.

This is exactly why I have decided to go ahead and start the BLAST 24 DAY ADVENT FITNESS CHALLENGE (BAFC)

24 days of live follow along VIDEOS for you to use at a time where schedules get hectic! Starting Friday December 1st – finishing on Dec 24th.

Like me, I am sure some of you will eat what you want to and that includes some things you wouldn’t normally during the next 30 days…..but hey here is something to help restore a little balance….

I really believe that integrating some form of exercise into your day on most days of the week leading up to Christmas is going to be really helpful at reducing pain, improving moods and productivity at what can be a stressful time for many of you.

*** Tomorrow 7am *** (actually at a time that suits you to be honest)

I am going to do a 15 minute Facebook Live video Blast Mobility workout for you to join in with if you want to along with the other members of our BAFC GROUP . You just need to allow 15 MINS for tomorrow and none of them will be longer than 25 mins all throughout the 24 days. No equipment needed, just a smile 🙂

I did THREE videos between Christmas and NY and over 10000 people have watched those videos and used them throughout this year to help them when life has thrown a little curve ball.

So I am doing this BAFC for you….

If you want to sign up just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Make your investment of £24 via this link-
2. If we are not friends, we might not be as this post/email may have been shared, then please add me on Facebook.(
3. I will then add you to the group so that you are ready for Friday 1st December.

Hey and if its not for you, thats cool with me as well!

Speak soon,


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