Would You Like To Look In More Depth At Your Nutrition?

Would You Like To Look In More Depth At Your Nutrition?

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So over the next 6-7 weeks nutrition for most of us will need to be FLEXIBLE but also carefully considered if we want to avoid doing what most people do and put on unnecessary weight.

There are several strategies you can implement if you know you will consume more calories than usual….

One of which is to look at your weekly calorie intake and spread it out across that.

Knowing what calories you should be consuming is the first step here.

The second option is to look at increasing your activity the next day as well.

It is important to remember we cant out train a bad diet, the ones that lack nutrients etc but if we are over consuming why not go for an extra hour at the gym the next day and do some weights and intervals, an extra 15 miles on the bike the next day, run for 45 mins more to help mitigate this.

BUT better than that…… know about your own requirements.

Take a look at this video I shot showing you how you can bespoke your own nutrition which we do at our studio. We use the Precision Nutrition calculator to help us with our planning.

Take a look at this video >>>


Let us know what you think and if you want help getting started with your nutrition then let us know and you can apply to work with us here >>>


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