Were You Supposed To Start Monday: 9 Steps To Getting Started With Your Goals

Were You Supposed to “Start” Monday??


It is hard going it alone…..


Here are my 9 Steps To Getting Started With Your Goals…..


Now…..A lot of it comes down to gaining momentum and accepting that it won’t be easy and it shouldn’t be perceived as a perfect A to B journey.
1 Get Going…. At the very moment you are in the state of mind that you want to make a change…..do 1 thing…..it could even be as simple as calling your friend up and arranging a time to go for a walk, a cycle, a gym session…….. It doesn’t have to be the perfect plan at this stage, it just needs to happen. But you need to do it in the MOMENT to get MOMENTum.


2 Find a successful human / partner……ideally a friend who is already successful, who has already made a success of their quest for better health and fitness. This person has more than likely already integrated “fitness” into their lifestyle….you know that person who “just does it”…day in day out, week in week out, month in month out. They are much less likely to flake out when the weather turns or the mornings are dark. I know this first hand….there are a good number of members on my Blast Fitness Camp who have been doing it for 3,4,5 years now…..That’s why we are busy year round, being fit is part of their lives now… it needs to become a lifestyle, not a fad! I know for a fact that the people Mandy trains alongside at my studio have helped inspire her with their actions and “can do” attitudes.


3 The hardest part is that first step…be aware of that. The first session will hurt, but once you have done the first one, then you plan the second one and the third…..and the ball is rolling.


4 Keep GOING—start to immerse yourself, don’t fight the resistance, if you aren’t where you want to be, just do one thing that will move you forwards. This is really “normal” in the first 4-5 weeks of any behaviour change and exercise and nutritional habits are just that. Also, be careful…..You are ultimately who you spend most time with, so try and spend this with people who are positive in their quests in life, pay attention to who is around you.


5 Give more than you expect to receive. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons I have learnt about my business and my fitness. Expect to give a lot and receive little. It can change your whole out look and in the end you will be happier with the results. Don’t expect miracles in week the first 2 months, but expect to put the effort in and give. There is a book that I have read which talks a lot about this mindset, it’s called the Go Giver. I was ironically given it by a colleague in the fitness industry, who just so happens to be one of the best in the UK if not the world at what he does now.


6 Take some time to just get clear about what you really want to achieve. Many of us are immediately drawn by HOW and WHAT but we forget the WHY….. why do we get up at 6am, why do we do the things we do?


Few people actually do this, but just identify what you really want.

Kay wants to do a marathon next year…..so what do we do, set process goals….. she has done 2 half marathons this year and will do another on March 5th 2017 and then we will pick a marathon for her to do in May 2017.


7. Stop lowering your dreams because of the fears and environment you currently find yourself in.

-What was been good about last year?

-What have you done in years gone that made you feel good?

-Where are the areas of weakness?…..
Maybe your work is good but your health is poor, maybe your fitness is good but your friendships are poor? Start with getting focused on this ……..


8 Don’t aim for perfection….aim for excellence…..if you have read my content before you will know that I am a firm believer in this…..aiming to be perfect can set you up for instant ‘failure’…….. to get better I suggest asking questions from people who know more than you……I do this all of the time, hence why I go on courses, often to learn from one of the worlds best, I listen to webinars most Monday’s, watch TED talks from inspirational people on Wednesdays, you can do the same with your health and fitness, just get some help. Do not try to re invent the wheel when it comes to health and fitness, just follow a proven plan.


9 Take advantage of new situations, a change in circumstances, life events……use that to help kick start you into doing something…..this too doesn’t need to be reactive, you can look ahead at what’s coming up and think right…..I am on this…..I need to be in better shape because XYZ or is coming up…….you know I am all about it being a lifestyle change, but why not take advantage of an event to get you fired up and accountable. There is NO NEED to wait though…..you just need to decide and then START.


I hope that helps give you a kick start and a few pointers on what I do with people to help them get the results I see them achieving in front of me.


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If you want to get started but need help, I am happy to discuss your options if you want to work with us. You don’t need to try to go it alone. Just like Kelly, Carys and Adam did when they were stuck with what to do…..


Simply email me (info@fa-fitness.co.uk) and I will help you get started.



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