This is for you IF…

👍 You’ve got between 1 to 6 stone you want to burn off

👍 You’re currently not feeling your most confident, and want that to change

👍 You’ve got a pile of clothes you love but either can’t wear at all right now, or just don’t feel comfortable in

👍 You’re fed up of feeling out of shape, and know you want to make changes

👍 You struggle to stay the course on your own, and feel you need some help getting there

👍 You’re ready, willing and able to commit at least 2hrs 30mins per week to working out, while making some sensible and sustainable changes to your nutrition

👍 You’re not already working with us

If that’s you, we

A) want to help you out, and

B) want you to help US out!

Y’see, we’re NEVER satisfied, and are always looking for ways to improve what we do, and the results we can help people achieveAnd the last few weeks we’ve been making some subtle yet significant changes to how we deliver our legendary 6 Week Transformation Challenge, which has itself been responsible for over 100 epic sets of transformation pics, testimonials etc.

We’ve essentially stepped up the accountability, coach contact, and daily support even higher, to help people stay on track even better, and get even better results!

And now we want 15 people to help us ‘test it out’ so we can confirm the new way is the better way, and get some super valuable feedback from our ‘guinea pigs’, as well as yet more proof that what we do is epic.

In brief….

👍 This program starts on April 5th (though we’ll actually get you kicking off a few things before then so you hit the ground running)

👍 It’ll involve 3-4 x personal training sessions with your coaches each week (in person OR remotely), coaching you at your level, doing what you need to do to get in shape safely and effectively

👍 We’re going to hold your hand and guide you step by step through literally everything you need to know and do in order to transform your body for LIFE

OH! And as a thank you for being one of the ‘guinea pigs’ we’re EVEN gonna give you the chance to do the program for FREE (we’ll show you how on the consult 😎)

Here’s what to do….1 – Use the link below to book a free consultation (we do this via video call, and will show you how to access the call of course)

2 – Attend the call, and we’ll talk through everything we need to, and see if it’s a great fit for you

3 – If it’s a great fit, we’ll get you signed up and ready to start! 

Male link – Click Here

Female Link – Click Here

Speak soon

Matt 🙂

Matt Luxton Pg.Dip, BSc(Hons), MMA-CSCC, Pn1
Owner of MattLuxtonHealthandFitnessThe Tamar Performance Centre
VotedCornwall’s Best Fitness Instructor 2016
VotedThe UK’s Most Innovative Fitness Entrepreneur 2012
International Best Selling Author ofThe Fad Free Fitness Formula
Author ofThe Hot to Trot Cook BookandThe Equestrian Athlete Plan
Email: mattluxtonpa@gmail.com / Phone: 07841 136302