The Vending Machine Approach


This post is something I wrote whilst on holiday, I wasn’t sure whether to share it or not.

However after speaking to one of my best friends this morning, who very nearly died a month ago and he told me how one of my posts last week has helped him immensely with his recovery, I thought I would continue to share my thoughts…..just maybe it will help someone…..

The vending machine approach doesn’t work for your health and fitness…..

If helping people lose body fat, reduce incidence of heart disease and diabetes and over come mental illness was solely about “dispensing information” then this country wouldn’t have the problems it does……

After all your health and fitness is not a product that can be bought in a vending machine…

What we lack are practitioners who are good listeners and communicators who engage people and create positive environments for change.

As coaches the questions I/we ask in the first 5 minutes could be the difference between someone having the best quality of life possible vs getting diabetes.

The questions are key but how we listen is vital.


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