The 4 Mistakes I Don’t Want To See You Making With Your Health & Fitness Goals.

The 4 Mistakes I Don’t Want To See You Making With Your Health & Fitness Goals.




* 1 * Merging Journeys.


Despite how great it feels to have an “accountability” partner, training partner or whatever you like to call them … They should NEVER have an impact on your success.


How many times have you found yourself swayed by a friends decision not to do something, you perhaps know you would benefit from.


Keep it selfish.


Stay in your own lane.


Find people that PUSH you.


* 2* Mon-tivation mindset:


Waiting on each Monday to roll around…


Feeling that Monday is “The Day” where motivation is at its highest and ALL change starts on this day.




If I lit a match under you on any day you’d move quick enough. You wouldn’t have to wait for Monday to make a move.


When you do things that make you feel motivated, you’ll feel more motivated.


Don’t slip up waiting for Monday.




*3* “I’m Special Mindset”:


Telling yourself that you’re special, “nothing works for me”, From the heart …


You’re not special,


Your body doesn’t somehow disobey the laws of science.


It’s ok…


You may have tried a few times and failed…


That’s totally cool.


Keep trying.


The more I try, the less ‘special’ I feel.


* 4 * Demonising things as good or bad…and confusing self with situation:


The devils in the dose…and just because you ate something “bad” doesn’t mean you’re bad.


I just failed at lifting this big weight… Am I a failure?…No. I just failed to lift it!


Don’t confuse BEING a failure with having failed.


Avoid these banana skins on your route to success.


My Best


Matt 🙂


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