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Around 15 weeks ago Carys and I got together and put out a programme specifically aimed at helping ladies get confident, stronger and educated around a way of training and style of eating that not only fits in with family life but helps them feel awesome!


Take a read of the post below if you want to get involved in our 12 week StrongHER programme that starts on Monday 8th January…….


We have 4 places left at this moment in time……



Here is what Carys had to say>>>


At the end of September, I called out for ladies only.
What I got was 8 phenomenal ladies different in their approaches, lifestyles, ages, habits & experiences, except these 8 ladies shared the same goal.


They wanted to make a change.


I’m taking on 4 more ladies who want to lose body fat, build lean muscle, tone up, get stronger and socialise all at the same time…
This programme starts THIS Monday (8th January)
It will be 12 weeks long and will progress from mastering bodyweight to mastering those compound lifts.
In return for your dedication and commitment you’ll receive

– A women’s only environment.
– 1-1 assessment at the start and end of the programme to measure progress.
– 3 Live training sessions per week (7-8pm) at a private studio in Lifton.
– Home sessions.
– Weekly nutrition guidance.
– Access to a private group for extra support.
– The knowledge and encouragement from 2 experienced coaches.


I write this post today off the back of the many a “New Year, New Me” post I have seen this week (A motto I’m sure you’re aware doesn’t fit too comfortably in the MLHF workplace.)

While I am all for setting goals and wanting to change bad habits into healthy lifestyles, I don’t believe you need the 1st of January to do so, these ladies didn’t….


“I thought the woman only group was a great idea, we all became friends quickly and the support from the group helped with my confidence with some of the heavier lifting.”

“I have lost cm’s and changed shape and I have genuinely not stood on the scales for 12 weeks! That in itself was a little scary at first but so freeing mentally after a couple of weeks.”

“I have tried a whole host of different programmes over the years, none of which have really worked. This one does. And what’s even better is that I’ve had fun doing it.”

“This has been a great introduction into another area of fitness. Carys thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and positive encouragement, it was a pleasure to be coached by you.”




If you want to apply for one of the places on this transformation programme, or would like more info, please private message either myself or Matt Luxton (07841136302) to schedule a phone call and secure your place. “


There you have it…… If you are a lady that wants to get stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident….here is your chance to have us on your side.


Speak soon,


Matt 🙂



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