Result’s Day >>> Get Ready To Be Inspired

Result’s Day >>> Get Ready To Be Inspired


Ok, so if you love to see others do well, this will be useful for you to read.


If you need some reassurance that the people who get results are also humans….this will be useful.


If you are thinking of setting some targets for 2017….now is the time and this will provide inspiration.


In chronological order here is how the morning went:



Congrats to Lisa who just came in for her assessment at the end of her 6 week programme.

She stopped smoking and rather than go to her default of running to lose weight (which hadn’t worked for years) she started eating properly and WHAM!

Over 1 stone lost, 30% body fat melted from waist, 3.25 inches from waist, 2 inches from hips and also knocked time off her park run!

She now knows how to train at home efficiently and prepare meals for her family which includes two teenage sons that they love!

1 assessment down, 5 to go today!


” I never believed at the start of the programme that I would drop a stone”

That is where my belief was greater than his doubts……

We are now both in NO DOUBT as to what works for him…..

Mark smashed 19lbs in 6 weeks, now knows how to train properly and won’t waste hours in the gym in the New Year.

2.5 inches off the waist, chest and 2.25 off the hips.


24lbs SMASHED….well played Rich!

A top man who has been looking at doing this programme for a little while, finally grabbed the bull by the horns and rode it beautifully!

Work has been busy for Rich, but he has followed the plan as best he could over the last week with extended hours and is on track now to start 2017 in far better shape than he would have had he not had the courage to get started in the middle of November.


Congrats to Carl …..12lbs melted and more importantly 5% body fat.

An active guy, who wasn’t quite in control of his nutrition who needed the accountability of the programme and the live sessions to help get him out of bed in the morning and start the day the way he “knew he should, but wasn’t”.

The odd Christmas party found its way into his plan, that’s life….there’s room for that in a successful plan, because after all it’s a lifestyle not a quick fix.

Top work Carl, 2.75 inches off the chest, 2 inches off the waist and 1.5 inches off the hips.


Ok so perhaps the most important in terms of the message here this morning!

It is NOT ALL about the scales…..

This lady, a former personal trainer from London called me up because she needed help, by the way that is totally cool…..don’t be ashamed to ask for help, in fact it is a great stress reducer, I found that out myself first hand over the last two weeks!

She knew a lot about nutrition, she knew how to train but she was in a rut since she moved house.

Natalie, lost 5.4% body fat in the 6 weeks. She lost 2.5 inches from her waist and now measures at 29.5 inches around the midriff (belly button ), she lost 2 inches from each thigh and 2.25 inches from the hips.

Natalie said she “feels great and much stronger, which will be helpful for my jobs in the New Year”.

Half way through the programme she decided not to weigh, because her relationship with the scales hadn’t been healthy in the past. If she had she said she might have stopped and felt disappointed. She lost 7 lbs in total which to some isn’t a lot when you look at others, but the body fat % is the key here!

A really pleasing set of results!


Cracking effort from Luke…..14lbs blasted and 4.25 inches off the waist!

He wasn’t sure about starting this programme as he had a family holiday right at the start but he decided to go ahead after I mentioned that there won’t ever be a perfect time to start.

Now he has the tools and is empowered to take control of his health I am looking forward to watching what he gets up to over the next few months.

Often when people are getting started, what seemed like an unachievable task at that point all becomes much more manageable… of the benefits of training is exactly that…the day to day stuff doesn’t feel so uncomfortable!

Top effort Luke…..4.5 inches off the waist, 2.5 inches off the hips and 2 inches off the chest!

Ok so thats 6 of the results in this week, a couple more to go tomorrow…..but I think you can see the pattern here.

Knowledge + Action = Results!

However….. Knowledge – Action = Frustration!

You decide….2017 is getting closer… is the time to start DOING, because there will never be a perfect time!

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Speak soon,


Matt 🙂



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