Results and Nutrient Timing – How To Ramp Up Results Without Adding More Gym Hours

Yesterday I sent out a Virtual high 5 (Wi-Five) to one of my online coaching clients……

over 10Kg lost, 6 inches from his waist and 6 inches off his chest…..

All this whilst having to move to another country…..

and often working physical 12 hour days in a country that is freezing
(that blows a few excuses out of the water)

I am proud of him like I am all of everyone who steps up and gets out of their comfort zone and follows the process.

I will be posting up his progress again before christmas because I am expecting him to make more progress!

Top man Huw…..action taker!

Are you getting your basic nutrition around training right?

Ok, so I was discussing yesterday with one of my new clients the topic of nutrient timing.

If your energy levels are not good then………..

First and foremost you need to be choosing the right food groups.

If you are wanting to get the most from your training you need to pay attention to this………

To optimise your results and performance the timing of these nutrients needs to be taken care of.

So much so that I would go as far as saying that you will kill your results if you don’t!

I could go into the impact of hormones and what you shouldn’t do but I want to share with you what you should be doing.

Nutrient Timing……… (now it must be said these guidelines have helped people I have worked with who are also human beings, but we are all different and have different goals).

Pre Training– 

You should be pre loading up with amino acids. 

In simple terms the building blocks for proteins that help with growth and repair of muscle tissue. This will help spare the muscle being broken down during intense exercise. I have been trialling this with some clients recently and when I ultrasound scanned them after to measure their fat loss and muscle mass this was the case. A gentleman who lost 22lbs of fat only lost 1lb of muscle which is phenomenal.

If you are looking for an edge to your performance at training I strongly suggest that you drink your amino acids as liquid forms get into the blood stream quickly.

Drinking these on an empty stomach has been shown to promotes muscle friendly hormones. This also helps the body to utilise the free fatty acids.

So here is an amino acid supplement that I use and have had my clients using over the last few years.

Take  these 45-60 mins before training on an empty stomach.

LINK– or this one from Phil Richards

Post Training- 

What we are looking to do here is to combine 

Carbohydrates/Proteins/ Antioxidant’s

The combination is key and studies have shown that when they are taken in isolation performance and recovery is severely inhibited.

So I go with this combination for a liquid recovery (within 30 mins) as it is easily absorbed.

1. 1-2 scoops of Sun Warrior Protein – its vegan and doesn’t contain any MSGs, preservatives or pesticides ( I am not into frying my brain or yours). 

You can get vanilla or chocolate ( I prefer the chocolate). 


Chocolate –

2. Berries- these provide some sugars and antioxidants. Strawberries have the highest level of vitamin C, blueberries contain a substance that helps with arterial dilation…thus promoting blood flow. Raspberries and blackberries are also very cool. I rotate my berries regularly. I buy these fresh in the summer and go and pick blackberries and freeze them. During the winter I but frozen mixed berries…..awesome for making  recovery smoothies in the blender.

3. 1 scoop of Lean Greens– a secret weapon in staying healthy. The alkalising effect of the greens will help restore blood health and reduce the acidity caused by the “burn” that you get as you get stronger. That burn is not bad, its where the adaptation process begins. It is then about you providing your body with the right environment to recover and get better. 

THE RECOVERY period is where you get better…..the training is the stimulus.

The Next Meal………….. ok, so within 1-2 hours you should have a meal that is solid foods that contains carbs and proteins with limited if any fat dominant foods at this stage.

– The famous banana omelette is a great shout topped with some berries again.  With this I always use coconut oil to cook with as this is far more tolerant to heat than olive oil that turns to a bad fat when over heated. Blend 2-3 eggs, a ripe banana, a handful of oats (optional) and a dash of cinnamon.

– Chicken breast with some quinoa or sweet potato wedges with cayenne pepper work well for me too. I might add something raw like, carrot and tomato to this as well. Eating raw foods helps gain the live enzymes in the foods that are lost when they are over cooked. Hopefully if you have been reading your “Matt Luxton” emails then you will know that you should not be boiling your greens…..that is not clever and you lose a lot of the water soluble vitamins when boiling them. Steam or stir fry them gently if you need to cook them at all.

– Lean Steak with brown rice with some spinach and griddled asparagus works for me too.

The key here is keep it lean with your meat source as anything too fatty at this stage will slow down the delivery of nutrients to your “needy” cells.

Hope you find that helpful.

Matt 🙂


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