Radio Interview, Podcast and New Programme Launching

So this blog post contains details of our next Blast At Home Fitness Camp that starts on March 8th down at the bottom. If you haven’t got your fitness in order, this might be a good start and if you think you need something more bespoke all you need to do is ask.


But an awful lot has been going on since I messaged you last……


Whilst travelling here in New Zealand in the second phase of my trip if you like I always planned to combine both my passion for travel and coaching and lot’s of exciting things are developing here as we speak.


**Radio Interview**


Well, I have been helping Rowland and Matt get ready for the Golden Shears, the pinnacle event in the world of competitive shearing….it is massive in New Zealand, UK, Australia, America, Norway and large parts of Europe.


Above is a picture of the home gym that Mike helped Rowland kit out last year which he used for his successful 8 hour world record attempt in July 207 and we have been using in preparation for the competition this weekend. Not a bad view from their either at sunrise hey?!


Here is a radio interview that I did with a Kiwi radio station this week….


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** Podcast with the fitness business freedom coach **


We talked all things from starting your own business and how I did that nearly 10 years ago, big influences, the lost art of communication, where I went to kick start the whole thing, why I have made some of the decisions I have, how I choose people I want to work with and much much more.


If you want to find out more here is the link for you:

** How the Blast At Home Fitness Camp works….**


Below you can see more of how our popular at Blast At Home Fitness Camp is helping people no matter their geographical location…..


Take a look at the video and if you have any questions please let me know.





If you missed out on last months Blast At Home Fitness Camp (BAHFC) but want to join in on the fun in March here are the details for you ☺


** Blast At Home Fitness Camp in March **


If you need help getting started but cant make our famous Blast Fitness Camps in Launceston then please take this opportunity to get started…..


In this 24-day introduction to the Blast system that I have been working on for nearly 10 years, we share some of this philosophy with you via our Facebook Live sessions, led by either myself or one of the Blast team.


What I have found over the last 9 years is that people really WANT and NEED to get going but with all the best intentions, they don’t have the accountability that their good intentions need and those that have done this “Facebook live” programme over the last couple of months have said it just “works so well” and fits in with their lifestyle.


We will have a closed Facebook group where there will be a new session posted each day for you to do. These will feature short mobility sessions, core routines and adaptations of the sessions that you would see at our Blast Fitness Camps for you to do at home at a time that suits you. This 24-day programme is 100% open to people who are not currently Blast members ☺


The BAFC Facebook live sessions in the advent period went down really well and ever since then it has been growing …. so in a nut shell this is how things will look for the March 2018 programme.



Starting on March 8th


  • 24 Days of Live Video’s within a private Facebook group
  • The session will be in a follow along format. i.e. you wont even have to time or count repetitions.
  • Train at a time of day that suits you
  • 15-30 mins per day
  • No equipment needed (dumbbells optional)



How To Sign Up:
  1. Make your investment of £36 via this link:


  1. If we are not friends, we might not be in the “real world” then please add me on Facebook. (
  2. I will then add you to the group so that you are ready for Thursday 8th March



That is it……really looking forward to helping all those involved ☺






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