Podcast, Client Event & Reduce Your Stress Programme


I hope you are well.

I wish I was writing a message to let you know that our indoor  facilities were open, but we are still going very strong outside,
with a massive amount of positivity and uptake from our clientele which is excellent.


A week or so ago now, I was asked by Dr. Jamie Pugh to speak on the fitness industry in the UK during COVID and the things we have
been doing to adapt and progress. I was an honour to be asked to do this as Jamie and the company he works for PRP are someone who I have studied with
in the past.


Let me know what you think….


As you know, it is always really important to have a goal in mind, no matter how big or small to aim for.

This year has obviously been different to any that many of us have ever experienced before, and I feel for those of you who
had set big goals this year or perhaps started your journey….. HOWEVER……. we can either moan about it or get on and find a way to keep moving forwards.

So that is what we have done across the board and amongst our clientele we have a group of triathletes……

One of them, Mel had a half Ironman race booked for July 5th…. so we decided ( well ok, I took a little ownership and responsibility)
that to support her we would all aim to complete this either on one day or across the weekend depending on each person within the teams
experience, work commitments and current fitness levels. So basically each person would cover a 1.2 mile swim (or upper body strength session), 56 mile bike and 13.1
mile run.

It has been amazing over the 3 weeks leading up to this that the momentum building up and pictures coming in to our private group is amazing.

With clients from across the country taking part in our virtual event series.

Here are few snaps and comments from the weekend! We also had this little banner made so that our members could share their achievements with their fans.

One of our core values amongst our team is to thank our support crew, because without them we couldn’t do what we do.






** 10 places available on my NEW Reduce Your Stress Programme **


Life has been stressful of late for most of us…….

In recent weeks we have been finishing off our new app to help our clients….

I need 10 people to test run my Reduce Your Stress Programme over the next 14 days.

I am not looking for people who just want to take a look and not actually follow the tasks, so don’t bother applying if you are just nosy.

If you genuinely want to go through this process and see how much of an impact this can have on your life then pop me an email to mattluxtonpa@gmail.com with your full name and mobile number in it and we will get you set up today.

I will of course be checkin in with you for your feedback on this programme as that is what I need to make sure we are providing an excellent programme.

Speak soon