Odd Object Training At Home

Good evening,

I hope you are well.

So Coach Harry took some time to plan some “odd object” exercises out for you.

Here is a video on how to make your “odd object” and then obviously do a proper warm up before giving these exercises a go.

https://youtu.be/hKHzDvLA1JM ‘How to make an Odd Object’

Sample warm up

If you are really keen try the 3 exercises in the following format.

A) https://youtu.be/hP2MslALcak
Odd Object – Ground to Overhead
B) https://youtu.be/8aXcWu1hB4A
Odd Object Squat and Press
C) https://youtu.be/xTW_OAIl6QY
Odd Object Bent Over Row

30s of exercise 1, 30s of exercise 2, 30s of exercise 3, rest for 30s.

X 5 – 10 rounds for a 10-20 minute session.

Let us know how you find it.

Oh and of course some stretches to do at the end.



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