New Coach Harry Has Arrived >>

** New Coach Harry Has Arrived **



I am really proud to welcome our newest edition to the coaching team here at Matt Luxton Health and Fitness and Blast Fitness Camps.


Harry has been shadowing me for around 3 months now and has shown all the qualities I believe will make him a huge success as part of our coaching team as we grow and develop the service we provide.


He has been at our Blast Fitness Camps sessions at 6:20am throughout the winter, voluntarily opting to come and learn how we do things at Blast and taking time to study at my studio using the environment to his advantage.


Having known Harry from a young age because he and my brother played rugby together at Launceston Mini Juniors together, I know what a great lad he is. I coached Harry from around 14 years of age through our Junior Strength Academy and witnessed his ability levels in the gym environment and the on the pitch improve.


For me when the rare opportunity comes up to join our team, I want firstly make sure they are good communicators, can converse with clients, have good organisational skills and are likeable characters….


Harry is all of that and I have been impressed with his commitment to bettering himself….such that within 24 hours of me offering him the potential chance of working with us he had gone and enrolled on his necessary coaching course.


Harry will be coaching at Blast Fitness Camps, helping with our online coaching and will be helping out here at the studio with our personal coaching programmes.


As our new facility (Tamar Performance Centre) develops it is the plan that we will be announcing new members of our coaching team as well.


I am excited for Harry and I am looking forward to seeing this great young guy, develop and pursue this next stage of his professional career.


Here is what Harry had to say on his appointment as a coach in our team,


“This is the start of a new chapter for me that I am honoured and excited to be starting with Matt and the team.

I have known Matt for many years now, starting off as a client as a junior. This is where I first gained my passion for the health and fitness industry and wanted to pursue in the future.

I believe if it wasn’t for Matt’s guidance years ago I wouldn’t be the person I am today with the achievements I’ve gained too.

For many of you that don’t quite know me yet I compete in two sports, Rugby (playing for Launceston and Cornwall Under 20’s) and Crossfit (usually compete in the summer). I have time for all sports but am particularly fond of these two.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone and help towards gaining goals and results.

See everyone very soon!

Harry” .



Look out for Harry at our studio and some really exciting times ahead for anyone who has the pleasure of being coached by this top man!


Speak soon,





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