Myth De-Bunked & Awesome Result

No you do not get bulky because you pick up a dumbbell!! Ok…. myth debunked!

Lunchtime came today….. and a RESULT pops its way into my inbox again this week.

Today is a really cool transformation from a young lady whom Harry and I started working with in the last lockdown.

During the initial phase of Gracie’s training we did this all online….. then we were allowed to open again she came to the studio and then did her home sessions by herself again….and now due to lockdown we are back online again. 

As you can see here there is a fantastic progression, what you can’t see is the dramatic change in approach to training and understanding of how to train more efficiently that Gracie has now learnt.

Having previously been only really using the cardio equipment we started off by assessing Gracie’s movement and posture and then building her programme from that. 

Once we were happy that she had mastered some of the basics around using her own bodyweight and some of the less skill dependent equipment, she then spent a good bit of time with Harry at the studio going through some of the more complex movements. 

What is really nice about this is that the logical progression allows for a sense of mastery as you try to learn new skills, develop them and then add some load and more difficulty into the overall session plans.

As you can see Gracie has really used the last 7 months to work on herself and you can see the effect it has had visually…. Looking so much stronger, feeling fitter and happier!

The key here is CONSISTENCY….. it is not 7 workouts all of 3 hours one week and 1 x 40 minute the next….. it is really about 3-5 conditioning and strength sessions per week with a couple of lower intensity steady state walks/runs as well because that suited Gracie.

Awesome work Gracie…..Harry and I love helping you. 

We look forward to seeing what you achieve next!

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