Me and You in Your Front Room at 7am Tomorrow?

Good morning,

I hope you had a good Christmas.

It has been really interesting watching and listening to people talk about their opinions of what others do over the festive period in respect of their exercise and nutritional habits.

Truth is…..the only persons actions that you really need to worry about are yours…..
So long as you are 100% guilt free and do what makes you feel good…..then you don’t need to worry.

Personally I didn’t train on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, I ate what I wanted to and that included a some things I wouldn’t normally.

I wanted to maximise the time on both days with family and friends, so I chose not to train.

Do I regret that?….100% not!

Did I look forward to cycling and playing rugby on Boxing Day….100% yes!

Did I look forward to the mobility routine I did on Wednesday morning YES.

Do I feel better for that….100% yes!

I really believe that integrating some form of exercise into your day on most days of the week is really helpful at reducing pain, improving moods and productivity.

So if you were one of those people who judged someone because they trained (or didn’t) remember that doing that may well have made them feel really good!

*** Tomorrow 7am ***

I am going to do a 20-25 minute Facebook Live video Blast Mobility Pyramid workout for you to join in with if you want to. You just need to allow 30 mins.

I did one on Wednesday and 1800 people have watched that video in a little over 24 hours. Thats cool, and some of the messages of thanks certainly made me feel good yesterday.

So I am doing another one for you…..all you need to do is be friends with me on ye olde Facebook….. if we aren’t then you can add me

It is really simple, around 7am GMT you just pop on to my page on Facebook and tune in.


Oh and just before you go, I am not sure if you saw this result we had come in on December 23rd…… yep…that was one of our 6 week transformation programme results.

The next MENS and WOMENS programme will start on January 23rd….more details on that in the next few blog posts from me.

Womens >>

Mens >>

This time, this picture only tells one story… of awesome fat loss…..

But the real difference is in how this girl now feels about exercise again and who knows you may even see her coaching others to do this in the future.

This is why I believe so strongly in a holistic programme of health and wellbeing….its not just about burpees and broccoli … is about meeting people where they are at and
helping them with what they need.

Maybe I will see you tomorrow……or more accurately you will see me for that session.

Speak soon,



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