Guinea Pig Places Left = 1 ( 3 taken )

1 Guinea Pig Needed Please


Yeh I know – gotta give the program a better name lol


Guinea Pig… isn’t the most flattering name ever I appreciate but….


Anyway, I emailed out yesterday afternoon looking for 4 people wanting to drop a stone by the end of May, to be sort of ‘guinea pigs’ for a new program we’re set to roll out –  to give us real, honest feedback, get epic results, and do it all for 50% of the investment it’ll be once it’s launched fully


Anyway, we had 3 spaces go yesterday, meaning we’ve got one spot remaining


Basic details below for who we need for this…




– Got at least a stone you want shot of to help reveal a more toned, stronger body

– Willing to make nutritional changes

– Willing and able to train 4 times a week for 45 mins a pop (from home)

– Will not be “that person” who books a call then doesn’t bother replying to messages, or attending said call (hate that)

– Must be coachable, and willing to put in the work to get results

– Will see it through, and not give up after a week because it was harder than sitting and watching Netflix

Anyway, this starts MONDAY, and we’ve one spot remaining


Click THIS LINK to book a quick call in so we can see if you’re a good fit, go over the details, and if all good we’ll get you started.


Thanks in advance – your feedback and help with this will help us make this program IMMENSE!





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