Do you struggle with your mobility? – 5 Key Components of an Effective Mobility Program

Do you struggle with your mobility?

Perhaps lacking energy after spending long periods of time in one position?

Maybe your sport or job are placing demands on you that mean you need to improve…..


I wanted to share with you this great little blog from Michael Goodman.

5 Key Components of an Effective Mobility Program

With the next round of our Specialised Mobility Programme on Monday 10th February starting soon I thought I’d run you all through 5 key components that anyone looking to improve there mobility should address (please note these are far from exhaustive, but give you an idea):

1. Myofascial Release
This can take the form of massage, trigger point work or foam rolling. It’s a brilliant way to remove any tight knots in muscle accumulated from training or work fatigue and help our muscle fibres move more freely. It is also brilliant at improving blood flow and reducing muscle soreness.

2. Get the blood flowing
It’s important to get the blood flowing to all areas of the body to ensure that waste products (CO2 and lactic acid) are removed from the body whilst also making sure muscle have an adequate supply of oxygen and glucose etc

3. Achieve full ROM in joints
Day to day it isn’t very common that we take our joints to their true end range of movement (ROM), even when working hard in physically demanding jobs. Doing this more regularly ensures we have a greater control in these areas whilst also ensuring we have the flexibility to get there in the first place. If you work at a desk, drive long distances you very likely to fall into bad postures that result in very poor movement patterns.

4. Strengthening work to muscles and connective tissue
Each joint has many muscles, ligaments and tendons that attach around it, if you are lacking strength in these then your body won’t allow you to achieve a full ROM in that area, thus limiting your flexibility. Only when we improve the strength of these tissues can we regain our true potential.

5. Controlled Co-ordinated Movements
Practicing controlled & co-ordinated movements reinforce movement patterns and neural pathways within the body making it easier to get into the positions day to day, whilst also protecting us from injury whilst doing this.

If you want to jump on our next Programme starting on 10th February just have a read below

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We are offering this programme at £38 (approx. $68 NZ dollars) to the FIRST 15 people who sign up.
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How To Secure Your Place:

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Excited to be helping you…

Speak soon,

Matt and Mike

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