Cholesterol & Fibre >> You might like to know this >>

Just a little thought following a conversation I have just had>>>

If you have someone in your friendship group or family that has high cholesterol have them consider how much fibre they are eating before they get pushed down the statin route.

When discussing someone’s nutrition, it’s quite possible if they don’t eat enough fibre (soluble) this could affect cholesterol. Fruit, veg and whole foods.🍏🥦🥑

How….(if you are interested)

Simplistically put >>>

▶️Cholesterol is needed to make bile salts.

▶️ Bile salts are secreted in the small intestine and attach to fibre.

▶️ We excrete these….💩

▶️ We need more bile salts to break down foods

▶️ We use more cholesterol to make them and the circle continues.

Obviously eating foods higher in the good cholesterol (HDL) is helpful as these reduce the bad.

That leads to the next point…..

When assessing cholesterol levels it’s important that the HDL (good) and LDL (not so good) ratio is understood and explained.



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