An Update…..

Sorry that the blog has been a little sparse over the last few weeks…..

It is fair to say that the last month or so has been extremely difficult with the news of my dads illness.

I dont want to dwell on that but please accept my apologies for the less frequent blogs.


Meanwhile what has been going on…..

* Well I have done the last module for my masters up in Chester, now the small matter of the research project. Keep your eyes peeled I might be looking for participants 🙂


* We also did a video shoot here at the studio for our semi private and 1-1 coaching programmes that we are running that will be featured on our new personal training website that is under development at the moment.


Here is our new “album cover”



* We did the Commando Challenge in Exeter on the marine training area on Woodbury Common. Great fun with great people and we finished it off with a roast dinner to celebrate!


* Check out this gentleman’s results on our Blast Mansformation programme. How to lose 5.5 inches off your waist!

* Then out of the blue on Wednesday this lovely message appeared from Veryan whom I have helped regain her health and fitness earlier this year…..



Thats all for now, I will keep you posted on anything that goes on here at MLHF….


If you need help with your goals please don’t be afraid to ask for help, thats something I have

found to be very useful over the last month…… there are people out there with skills that save you time

and thats something none of us should even contemplate wasting!


Speak soon





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