8 Inches Off The Waist & “Failing” – Perspective


So we are into the 6th week of 2021…..For many of the U.K. population losing a few lbs was in their mind in January…

Here is James…..James, we have been helping since the 11th of August. That’s 26 weeks ago.He has lost 1.6lbs per week.He has lost 8 inches from his waist!

There are times where I had to tell him he is not failing…..

3 lb in a week is amazing

2 lb in a week is amazing

1 lb in a week is amazing

0.5 lb in a week is amazing

Most people think to achieve an amazing result in a relatively short amount of time you need to be seeing BIG changes on the scales every week but keep in mind1 lb per week for a year is 3.5 stone!

How many people do you know who have achieved 3.5 stone within the last year?WHY is it you don’t know LOADS of people who have achieved 3.5 stone weight loss in the last year when 64% of the population is overweight???

Because they think they are failing when “only” losing 1 lb in a week…What’s even more important is that it’s AN AVERAGE of 1 lb per week that achieves 3.5 stone in a year…

Which means yes of course they have some 3 lb weeks, some 2 lbs weeks AND they also have 0.5 lb weeks and even weeks it goes up 1 lb…But they keep on going…Direction is more important than speed


If you are super human and doing 2lbs per week INCREDIBLE… that’s 7 stone per year…7 stone per year is a rare as rocking horse


People are WOWED by people who have achieved around 2 stone within a year and can’t work out how that person can do it and why they struggle so much (must be their metabolism right…)The 2 stone per year people lose around 0.5-0.7 lb per week on average… “failing” their way to success


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