-4.5 & £485 for Children’s Hospice South West

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There has been a lot of chat this week about how cold it is in our part of the world…..its all relative, I know! But for us, it is a shock! So I guess when you saw -4.5 I bet you thought I meant the temperature at a session we did outside….. Nope… I was talking about the results from two of our clients who started working with us as part of our 6 Week Online Kickstart back 6 weeks or so ago.

Both of them came in on Wednesday to have their second ultrasound scan done and their measurements. one lady, Debbie, has actually lost 2 dress sizes in the process. She lost 4.5 inches from her waist as did Donna who has been fantastic since she joined us.

During the 6 weeks, she has resisted numerous beige buffets and really taken control of her eating. She has been getting right into the training sessions, and her husband cant quite believe she is getting up first thing in the morning to exercise. Donna told me that she was in a rut, she was struggling with her energy and struggling to get enthusiastic about the things she loved doing. All of this because she wasn’t looking after herself. Lesson there for us all….we cant enrich the lives of others by becoming a poorer version of ourselves. She has already started planning how she wants to spend her annual leave over the silly season…… thats someone who is getting a real handle on her lifestyle and now making the most out of her time.

You see we often underestimate the impact that what might seem like small changes that we make have on those around us. Now her horses will get more exercise, her husband will get to go and do more cool things because his wife feels more inclined and everyone around Donna starts to win….so in giving herself some time, she is also directly impacting on the quality of life of those around her…..bear that in mind the next time you feel guilty about going to your training session or making a better decision around your food and lifestyle.


Whilst to many, the 4.5 inches off their waists is what grabs our attention….never underestimate the impact that the lifestyle upgrades have on all the unmeasurable aspects of their lives.




— Children’s Hospice South West & Gear Up Your Cycling —


On Monday 28th November, I hosted a workshop for cyclists, which we named Gear Up Your Cycling.


Really aimed at helping local cyclists to get more from their 2017 exploits, also to show them the light. Allow them to stand on the shoulders of giants so to speak….by that I mean….benefit from the knowledge and the mistakes of us as fellow cyclists and not make the same mistakes themselves. I brought together a range of different skills sets to hopefully create a community of people that our guests on the night know they can turn to for help.

The evening was a great success and thanks must go to Adi Harvey at Number 8 Cafe & delicatessen for allowing us to use his facility and raise £485 for Children’s Hospice South West. We have had some really nice messages from our guests and I know they all went away with some great knowledge, now they must all put it into action and get the results.


— Tamar Charity Fitness Challenge– 


So the next event this week actually see’s Nick Lane and I collaborate and host the 2nd edition of our fitness challenge day. Last year was a great success and really nice opportunity for all of our clients to mix together and compete in teams of 4 with people they haven’t necessarily met before in a variety of 4-12 minute fitness challenges. Again we are taking the opportunity to use fitness to help raise money for CHSW and those people who aren’t fortunate to be able to take part in events like this and those whose Christmas won’t be as enjoyable as the ones that many of use are lucky enough to enjoy.


That’s it for now, if you have any questions feel free to email me (info@fa-fitness.co.uk).


Till next time…..keep moving forwards




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