3 Steps To Getting Better Results + Your Diary on Friday



If losing “weight” was as simple as calories in vs calories out things would appear simple…..


But actually think about that…

It would make eating dull as dishwater..

It would make your life so restrictive you would probably question the point of it all

It’s not about losing weight…..it’s about reducing body fat….and that’s a consequence of getting healthier….there is the shift that we need to instil into peoples mindsets.


The truth of it is….


I know a better way to improve health that gets results time after time…..


Here is how in 3 steps we have been helping people like the lady below literally melt body fat…..


  1. Deliver the message with passion and instil belief
  2. Develop a higher level of skill around the Message day after day and pass that on to the client
  3. Develop systems that allow the results to be repeated.


Now that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do, but it definitely makes the whole journey more exciting!




How these 4 people mentioned in this blog have made massive strides forward with their health is all part of the change in behaviours we have helped them with and they are all slightly different …..

Have a quick listen to what 2 of them had to say when we caught up on video over the last week or so.


Adam- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSKGFYcIBAQ

Gents >> If you want to apply for the programme Adam did you can here :



Nicole- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UnH9HwWtQ0

Ladies >> If you want to apply for the programme Nicole did you can here :



How I helped this lady (pic below) lose 4 inches from her waist and another gentleman had his measurements done yesterday morning as he prepares for his beach holiday in early July and has lost 4.25 inches from his waist.





Seminar – On Friday Night >>>


Seminar: The Truth About Keeping Nutrition Simple To Get Results That Change Lives

For those of you who know me, nothing pleases me more than getting results and providing people with the tools needed to get a great experience.

I am going to bring another seminar to you on May 18th, which will help you no matter whether you are a beginner to the whole nutrition thing or someone who just needs to freshen up their knowledge and start taking action. I will be sharing some very recent results from clients who have been working with us a long time and some more recent. My knowledge on nutrition grows each day and ability to coach people improves so there hasn’t been a better time in my opinion to share this with you.

In fact this seminar will be perfect for people who are kind of stuck in that “knowledge trap” …… you know what to do, in fact you might be someone who is actually stalling because a little knowledge with a lack of action is causing procrastination.

In this seminar I am going be covering topics from which I have been asked in recent months from new and existing clients including:

1. Where to start with the whole nutrition thing
2. What’s the best diet to follow?
3. Is counting calories essential for weight loss
4. How should your plate look when deciding on quantities of each food group
5. Should I avoid carbs?
6. Should I avoid grains?
7. What and when should I be eating around my workouts?
8. Is alcohol honestly a problem for my health?
9. Is the Paleo diet good for me?
10. Should I detox or juice cleanse?
11. How do my sleep habits really affect my nutrition?
12. If I want to see more definition around my abdominal muscles what should I do?

There’s just a few, but I will also be looking at what I think the 10 most important habits are for optimal health and fat reduction. Remember that there are drastic ways to reduce fat like you will see in sports like MMA, boxing, horse racing and bodybuilding…that we wont be covering because that is not geared towards optimal health.

Who Can Attend?

Here is the deal, anyone can come, but you must promise to go away and take action. So yes, you don’t have to be a current client to attend, so please bring a friend.

How To Book?

All you need to do is make a donation to my virgin money fundraising page . My mission this year is to try and help the village I have lived in to finish their community centre, so if you can kindly make a donation that would be great. I cant put a value on this hour to you because it could be life changing, so if you are able to pop in £10 per person that would be pretty cool.
Here is the link : https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/MattLuxton

Once you have done it, just pop me a message to info@fa-fitness.co.uk and I will reserve your seat as we will likely be limited to 50 people.

What To Bring On The Night

Please bring a chair….we don’t do much sitting down at the studio and then you can bring your favourite camping chair with you and be fully relaxed.

Start Time & Venue

6:45pm arrival for a 7pm start. I would aim to finish the presentation around 8pm with some time for Q&A afterwards.

Venue: Matt Luxton Health and Fitness, Tinhay Industrial Estate, Lifton, Devon, PL16 0AH.

Hope to see you there,




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