2 X 16 Week Bespoke Health, Nutritional and Fitness Coaching Packages Available

16 Week Bespoke Health, Nutritional and Fitness Coaching Package


Before I go into the nuts and bolts of our most comprehensive coaching programme to date, I just wanted to help you decide if this is something you will benefit from, just to save your time in reading the rest of the content.


If you currently want to make changes to your lifestyle because you know you have more in you than you can currently give and you really want to live the best version of your life then this is 100% for you.


If you are ready to get more information on what can really work for you as an individual and most importantly want help implementing this then this programme is for you. More details on how we go about doing this for you are below.


This programme will work well for the person who has previously tried to read the books, had a go at a few methods but would like to be told what is best for them.


If however, you are 100% happy with the way you are feeling and performing and don’t believe you can make improvements on any aspect of your health and fitness maybe this programme isn’t for you just now.


If you know you want to get better and want help doing so, please take a look below at what the programme will entail and complete the application form in the link below:




How the programme will begin:


A telephone call from me to discuss your arrangements for your initial 1 to 1 consultation and a follow up email with directions and details on what you need to bring.


* The initial 1 to 1 consultation – this consultation will cover goal setting, health measures such as blood pressure, blood testing looking key vitamins and minerals, food intolerance testing and an ultrasound body composition analysis and posture and movement assessment to help us build your coaching programme.

 (2 hour consultation)


* 7 Days later we will have the results and reports from the laboratory that will enable us to go through with you the implications of the findings and our suggestions along with the Dr’s report for you to leave knowing what the journey ahead will look like. During this session we will go through with you a basic orientation session which will include our mobility sequence that we do at the start of each of your sessions.  (1 hour consultation)

* There after you will have the option to attend up to 2 x 1 to 1 coaching sessions or 3 x semi private coaching sessions per week at our studio in Lifton. During these sessions we will be working on the aspects of your posture and fitness that we know need attention having done your initial assessment. We will agree on the best option for you after our initial consultation.

(2-3 hours per week)


*Throughout the process we will be using the information from your blood tests to formulate a nutritional plan that not only works on these known areas of deficiency but also empowering you to make sure you make better decisions specifically relating to your own blood profile.


* You will be given bi-weekly meal planners and recipe booklets to help you make the journey enjoyable and one that freshens up your routine. Nice simply and well laid out recipes like the one below as an example.



*During the 16 weeks you will have the support from our coaching team here at Matt Luxton Health and Fitness and will have the opportunity to meet some of the great people who are being coached by us already, some for a matter of weeks, others for nearly 10 years.  We will also include for you some follow along videos for you to follow at home to compliment the work that you have been doing with us here at the studio.


*You will also have access to our infra- red sauna and we can introduce you to our resident sports therapist if you would like a massage. We know that regular sauna’s can help improve immunity and recovery, as does sports massage.


*At week 15 we will then do a re test of the blood samples to measure the effect of what we have done so far in the programme and then by the end of week 16 we will have those results back from the laboratory.

*In week 16 we will also re visit the initial assessment we did for your posture and health measures to compare the differences and show you the improvements you have made. At this time we will help you to plan your on going journey and provide suitable targets for you to achieve.

(1 hour consultation). 


If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact me using the details below. Meanwhile if you haven’t applied please make sure you do as I am only offering this course to two people starting in the January 2020.




How much is the programme I hear you ask…..


Just to remind you of what it includes in bullet form


  • Initial Consultation
  • 2 x Blood Testing and Laboratory Reports (One at week 1 and One in week 15)
  • 1 x Food Intolerance Tests & Report (week 1)
  • Orientation Session
  • 16 week bespoke coaching programme at our studio (2 to 3 contact sessions per week).
  • Online coaching support and video access
  • Bi- Weekly meal planners and bespoke nutrition plan
  • Access to the infra red sauna
  • Priority access to any additional seminars and retreats held in 2020


The total costs are £1990 including everything we have mentioned above. We can offer a payment plan upon request.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


To Your Health and Fitness,



Matt Luxton

Owner of MattLuxtonHealthandFitness


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