2 stone, 4 inches off the waist and 0.5 miles to 25 miles!



I KNOW. Its been a while since I’ve been in touch


I’ve got a lot of excuses…..


But the main one is – it has been pretty busy here at the studio helping people get in control of their health and goals…..


So by way of an apology for not being in touch the last couple weeks as often as I would have liked.


I am sharing with you an inspirational video that I shot with my client Richard.


https://youtu.be/zXfDc6izUeE (1 min 30s onwards is where we start to save you a bit of delay)



Richard asked for my help in getting him in shape for his “Big” year of challenges and adventures…..


It really is epic…….Polar Bears in the arctic, Grizzly Bears in Canada and Inca Trail trail in Peru in November.


he was struggling with (in his words)


– not paying any attention to what he eats


– not feeling motivated to exercise regularly


– Not knowing where to start really in getting going….


I asked Richard if he could commit to our program


  • 1 x 60 minute training session at my studio in Lifton
  • 3 to 4 – 20 to 40 minute sessions per week
  • plus some walks


– A nutrition guide based on healthy eating and natural food (and some treats but in moderation)


– joining in with the team, taking advice form the coaches and doing the best he could at all times.


He said yes.


6 weeks later he:


  • Lost just under 2 stone
  • 4 inches off his waist
  • 3 inches off his chest
  • Made permanent changes to his life for the better
  • oh and we walked for nearly 10 hours together (25 miles) on the weekend….bearing in mind how far he told you he could walk in the video thats pretty epic! Agree?


WE ARE SUPER super proud of Richard


And he is SO happy he’s going stay as a long-term client


— want to get started —


Could you commit for 6 weeks?


If the answer is yes,


Then you are the sort of person we would like to help….


We will then call you to have a chat



Speak soon,




p.s. a couple of emails coming soon include a date for our next nutrition and lifestyle seminar for a good cause and also some pics of a lady who is 4 weeks into her journey with us…..the results so far its fair to say are more than very promising!




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