2 ladies smashing it here at the studio – inches and lbs lost all over!

💪🎉Blast Health and Fitness Kickstart Result Update👍🏆

If you follow us on social media you may have seen this….so I do not apologise in the slightest as when someone succeeds here at the studio we celebrate that….


lost 20lbs lighter, 4.5 inches off the waist, 3 off the hips and all her muscle mass maintained…..

That’s the objective data!

NOW for the stuff that matters…

1. Q. Ailie…. how do you feel? A. Brilliant

2. Ailie’s mindset has shifted so much that she isn’t viewing the end of the 8 weeks as an opportunity to go back to old ways…..no no no….. because this process is about lifestyle and habits…. she now feels to quote her “in control”!

3. Ready to take on some more challenges and to keep moving forwards!

Well done Ailie you look Amazing!!

What I love is how much support you get when you make a real effort and get results….check out this praise from all of Ailie’s friends!


One of our PT clients….has lost 2 stones 2lbs, 6 inches from her waist and is making huge strides with her fitness.

Jennie was referred to us by her physiotherapist following a shoulder injury. In combination with physiotherapy, we have been working with Jennie to make sure her fitness improves whilst carefully managing her existing injury.

Jennie works with us once a week here at the studio and follows her home programme we have written her, which includes believe it or not some of her favourite (I know how dare we make it almost fun) exercises like the bike.

Jennie’s last words before going away for a break over there festive period ” Thanks Matt, I’ve tried so many things before and now this is working” ….. my reply ” pay attention to the principles and you will get results, well done Jennie”.

So there we go….

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Speak soon,

Matt 🙂


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