The Mistake I have been making since Day 1 (Video)

Whilst our results continue to improve through the hard work of our clients and our desire to improve what we offer and respond to our clients feedback, it dawned on me yesterday during a study session with my more glamorous partner in crime Mike!


I have been making a bit of an error all of this time…..


Check out this video below…..I briefly describe this and actually it might trigger you as a parent, role model, coach, friend, fitness enthusiast to look at your own behaviours ….


A bit of a light bulb moment for me…..


The mistake I have been making right from Day 1 up until even last week >>>>


Behaviours and Results




Meanwhile, please don’t expect me to hold back on celebrating the success of many of members in the coming weeks as they have been working hard in the winter months to reap these rewards…..


Much like Rowland Smith in New Zealand who has been nominated for Hawkes Bay Sportsperson of the year along with athletes who competed at the Commonwealth games.


To Matt Wise and Vin Marshall for completing the London Marathon, a hell of an effort in the heat like that!


Lynn, who completed her first triathlon last week and Nicole who has been picked to start for Cornwall ladies rugby this weekend. There are many more who are out there getting it done… well done to you all….inspirational stuff!


Good luck to Kay who is running her marathon and Simon in his 10km race in Newport this weekend in  preparation for his Ironman.


Remember we only have a chance of being rewarded for the work we have done…..


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