YES, I Did It, What Next?


 YES,  I Did It,  What Next?


By the way later in the blog is an opportunity for you but until then just keep reading…


When we are helping people achieve their goals and they reach them, and this frequently happens……


It’s time to re assess.


We actually use our QUEST system which helps people get really clear on the “next” goal.


Helping them qualify exactly what they want, then understanding the metaphorical cost and we just double check that the “goal” excites them still….







I actually went through this a couple of times recently myself after getting married and actually I did it yesterday to get me focused on a few things I want to make happen in the next 6 months.


I dunno about you, but I need those focus points every 3 to 6 months… helps me so much.


I have this  taken HUGE strides in organising a 5* Fitness Safari Retreat in Namibia in  late November 2014……where I will be taking 4-6 clients with me to a private game reserve , personal chef and the works (staying at the same place that Angelina and Brad stay when they visit)….. the one which I visited myself last December and it was a mind blowing experience.


More on that coming soon at a seminar I am holding on July 31st at my studio.


I think its really easy to meander through life and then all of a sudden the week has passed, the month has passed and another year goes by and because we delay things these opportunities slip by…..


Picture of me taken in Namibian Game Reserve of Okonjima
Picture of me taken in Namibian Game Reserve of Okonjima


If you need more help in deciding your next target, analysing your lifestyle, planning your nutrition please feel free to let me know…..I am always up for helping people achieve and do “cool” things…..


If you want to take things one step further I do have 3 consults left for next week where I will personally help you just like I am going to with Janet who is coming in and I will be helping her with he blood pressure and targeting belly fat.


I will be helping her identify:


  1. The sort of exercise routines that are really good at helping reduce blood pressure.
  2. The fruits that contain a chemical that naturally dilate blood vessels
  3. The veggies that have a naturally occurring substance that helps metabolise fat that binds to oestrogens around the hips.
  4. I will also be going through a plan that she can carry on for life that will help prevent her becoming the next stroke victim in her family.
  5. I will be going through the role of the omega fats to help her and the hidden sources of fructose that cause inflammation to the cell walls.
  6. Which vitamins help to improve the elasticity of the arterial wall
  7. What she should be doing to maximise her detox, including how infra red sauna’s will be useful for her in helping shift that body fat round the middle
  8. How she can exercise for as little as 10 -15 mins per day and improve her fat loss and blood pressure at the same time.


This is not a guess work either…..I did it with my uncle earlier in the year.


Here he is talking about it…


So if you want to grab one of these consults and have me tailor it completely to you for the hour and give you a plan you take with you, you will need to step on it as I wont be doing them after Thursday next week.


To book it just go HERE and I will be in touch.



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