Who To Ask For Help?


“I was reading this”, “”my husband thinks I should”, “my friend told me that”, “when I was at school”……..
Just a few of the things I hear when people ask me questions about fitness and health.
Now, I don’t mess about, if I don’t believe in something I will say so!
That said if I don’t know, I will also refer out or I will research.
One thing that I have noticed thats holding people back when it comes to making improvements with their health and fitness is this………
Best Friends, Husbands and Wives!
Isn’t it funny how your best friend, husband or wife just can’t wait to become your teacher when it comes to your health and fitness……….

Best friends etc are awesome…….but jeez the amount of times I hear of people trying to sabotage their best friends efforts at improving or making change is incredible!


And hey…….. we have gotta stop labelling people “lucky” when they make that change……


“oh its ok for her, she has………
“ahhhh he’s got it easy……blah blah


When someone drops 2,3,4 dress sizes, completes that programme, finishes that training programme for a race, goes to their wedding looking immense…………


A bit like Rachel did for her wedding four weeks ago………. 5.5 inches off the waist.



or Mark did over the summer before his best mates wedding……



She was not lucky and neither are the rest of the people who get results like this……


They are not lucky…..because they have changed….they have worked hard.


I learn most from this sort of person………


This is what fires me up and keeps me so passionate about what we do at our fitness camps and studio ……….people who want to change and make their life better, we get right behind them and so should you when that person comes in contact with you.


Tomorrow, I am going to pop you a quick email that my help you or someone you know to improve their health….in particular it will be helpful for those people who are suffering from bloating, aching joints, fatigue and blocked nasal passages.


Stay tuned for that and a chance to join us for this  7 VIP Day Trial at one of our fitness camps.


Enjoy the rest of your day, and if you need help, just ask someone who knows better…it doesn’t have to be me, but it probably isn’t your best friend.






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