When You Get There….. Beware Magazine Experts

The journey and “magazine experts”


Now I don’t know about you…. we have all had a fair few set backs….. and I have had one already this year…….I have a major goal which I will be honest I have only told a few people who are really close to me…..


Now please don’t be offended if I haven’t told you….I would hug you as well……but I am working away on this everyday…..and WHEN it happens you will know about it 🙂


NOW……… I just wanted to touch on YOUR set backs and other peoples ambitions….


This self confidence thing is holding a lot of people back right now…..


And frankly worrying about other people’s results will not get you anywhere.


Its about YOUR RESULTS making you HAPPY!


Hey, and guess what when you get there BE happy…….I learnt this after completing my first Ironman last year….the goal was to finish in under 11 hours….I did that……


That wouldn’t have been a good day at the office for a pro…..but does that mean I wasn’t happy with the result….hell no because that was my goal!


I couldn’t care less about the winners time…..my goal wasn’t to come 1st!


If you keep worrying about other people’s goals you will NEVER be happy.One of my personal goals is to visit 3 new countries this year…..that wouldn’t be enough for some and it wouldn’t make others happy…..does that mean I need to strive for 5……NO…..because if I get to three I will be happy!


You don’t have to realign your ambition to suit what you think is acceptable in other peoples eyes…..You have to be happy with achieving your goals and not seeking others goals. There is also nothing wrong with achieving your goals and being HAPPY with that.


Be bloody happy when you get there.


Last week Sarah sent me this……she has been working with us for about 6 months now.




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You will then train for fun, eat to feel great , nourish your body with food full of vitamins and eat good sources of protein and be happy knowing you have done that!


……and LIVE and love being the person you are and not what you think others want you to be.



For me its then down to strength of character and being the person you want to be.


External influences wont influence you when you are strong enough….. and that isn’t having a BIG EGO and FRONT…


I know a lot of people who look strong on the outside, but when peer pressure kicks in they couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight!


Let me tell you, I used to play rugby and about 3.5 years ago I made a decision that I wouldn’t drink anymore!


Now anyone who knows about rugby bus journeys, knows that a fair amount gets drunk and not a lot of clothes gets worn………


You can just imagine the banter I got on the first away trip, from deepest darkest Gloucestershire……drinking water and getting involved took a lot of strength and demanded a lot of character to know what I wanted!



I bet you have heard stuff like this from your mates when you make a change……


“You used to do XYZ”


“Ah you never used to worry about eating XYZ”


Well you know what …..NOW your priorities have changed……


You have children

You have a time demanding job

You want to socialise at different times and days and in new circles.

You want to look awesome for your holiday

You want to fit in your  dress

You want to look great at your wedding


AND Heaven forbid that you should want to feel friggin alive and not like a pilled up zombie!



Now YOU want to concentrate on other things…….


YOUR focus might be elsewhere……like mine was, moving towards health, feeling full of energy and not feeling like I had been run over by a bus until Monday!


What you have to be careful of if you want it to be long term…..


People will always question what others are doing when its outside of the box


This happened to one of my female clients who is running the London marathon this year. She was at her running club, and a gentleman starts to tell her how many miles he has done this week……as if it was some kind of bragging right…..


Actually a pretty dumb mentality………


But what I believe he was trying to do was to look for justification and approval for what he had done, and when my client told him that she hadn’t done anything like that mileage that week,


(because we are training very smart……we know better……….)


he then proceeded to try and convince her that she is falling behind and not doing enough…..


Just be careful of these people too…..there are a lot of “magazine experts” around at this time of year!



Your opinions and your goals are your own and other people don’t affect you achieving them.


It’s about your character, your emotions and your goals.


If you want it……..


If it makes you happy




Be You….


Matt 🙂

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