What Protein To Have To Lose Body Fat?


Ok so if you have ever trained or aimed to lose body fat in a sustainable and healthy way you will have no doubt increased your awareness of protein in your daily intake, if nothing else!


Hopefully you will have gone for sources such as salmon, eggs, chicken, turkey and beef etc. Of course they will be slightly different for those of you who are vegan or vegetarian. These are all great, but post training we need things that are easily digestible. These are in liquid form and are best combined with a non-fibrous source of carbohydrate (e.g. melon/banana) as part of a post training recovery drink.


——–Please don’t make this mistake——>>

I have made a few mistakes when choosing protein sources in the past. When I was younger I used to take ones with all sorts of additives in, I didn’t know what they were at the time.


Remember the reason you need protein after training, is for healthy growth and repair of the muscle tissues you damage during the session. For these to rebuild and regenerate you need to get a wide range of amino acids. This is a little more difficult for vegetarians.


Amino acids are the “building blocks” of all proteins. There are actually 18 of them, they all have slightly different roles within the body.


So as I have become more educated in nutrition and I help others to improve energy, strength, muscle tone and performance I am always on the look out for a principle based and solid approach to optimising results.


The protein powder that I use contains all of the essential amino acids, its easily digested and will help to sustain energy release. It is a vegan based product, which is why I find it so useful……don’t get me wrong I am a FULL BLOWN meat eater! Dairy based proteins can really upset some people, leaving them bloated and actually not digesting the goodness!


— A video for you—


Here is a post training recovery drink that I make which ticks all of the boxes for me.




  • Natural
  • A good balance of fuel for post training recovery
  • TASTY!
  • Convenient and easy to make


I like the chocolate one myself……. Before you ask…….its not Mars bars in there, the chocolate comes from cocoa butter buds and raw organic cocoa.


Clearly if you are eating sandwiches for breakfast and doughnuts to sort the post lunch slump……….square that first then look at your post training nutrition.


If you want results from your training (FAT LOSS, ENERGY, SPEED, STRENGTH, MUSCLE TONE, BETTER SLEEP ETC ETC) you need to look at your nutrition and regular consumption of it.


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